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1993Re: Standard Radio

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  • cloud runner
    Oct 6, 2013
      No, it isn't.
      My Standard Radio Bug came in its original box.  The box was clearly marked ... the key was made by special order of the Army Air Corps in 1943 for exactly 1,500 keys.  The earliest ones had old Vibroplex parts, so I am guessing the order was given to Vibroplex, and Vibroplex didn't want it.  Instead they put one of their people in charge of producing the keys for the war effort under this subsidiary which was disbanded soon after.
      there are no ads for this key.
      All keys without a label were keys produced for that military order of 1,500.  Most of these are found in dreaful rusted condition.  The keys were made for use on bombers and transport planes and as far as I can find, were all used in the Pacific Theatre.  They were made in black, green, and maroon.  The split post would hold its adjustment even in the vibrating plane.  The stout parts wouldn't bend when the key fell off the table in a steep bank or when the plane was jarred by a flak explosion.
      All keys WITH a label were produced for private orders and serials begin at 1,501.  Highest serial found is about 2,000.  These were made in black, green, maroon and chrome.
      I have photographs of about 30 of them, and am glad to see photos of any others!
      73,  Fred - kt5x
      here is mine (again)
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      Perhaps we are talking about the same company

      Standard Radio in Hauppauge, NY is a private company categorized underElectronic Parts. Our records show it was established in 1947 and incorporated in New York. Staff of approximately 20 to 49.

      Products or Services.

      Companies like Standard Radio usually offer: Electronicparts Cpcares Com, Electronis Parts, Wholesale Electronic Parts, Used Electronic Parts and Eletronics Parts.


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      You need to hook up with Marty KB2HHW. He has a bug that he is pretty certain it's a Standard Radio but with no label. You guys could probably help each other.
      Marty is at martyl@...

      Steve N4LQ

      On 10/6/2013 1:04 PM, silvergak@... wrote:


      I have acquired a Standard Radio Co. New York, bug. Serial #1538 no model #
      Nickle plated works good but needs cleaning. I can't find any info about this company.
      Spencer W1GAK

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