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RE: [cw] I'm lost trying to assign a variable.

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  • Eric Jackson
    Ahhh, Ok I see what was going on. I m moving forward with my script, I m sure I ll have more questions. ;) From: cw@yahoogroups.com [mailto:cw@yahoogroups.com]
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 17, 2013

      Ahhh, Ok I see what was going on.


      I’m moving forward with my script, I’m sure I’ll have more questions… ;)


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      The reason you're seeing this behavior is that references with $@ are purely textual substitutions, not variable references. (That's so you can use such references in the text parts of dialog boxes.) Since the value of SystemName is a string, what you're doing is assigning sname=Feri, instead of sname="Feri".

      Perhaps the most reliable way of referencing values in the character sheet from a script is use eval with three arguments.

      In your case you would use the following assignment:

          sname=eval('SystemName', 0, 1);

      On 3/14/13 12:06 AM, Eric Jackson wrote:

      Ok I have a script that is trying to generate trade info between planets.


      So far I have:



      var pop,startpop,endpop, PassValue, SName;


      getFileName fileName, "Select Destination System", "*.chr";





      PassValue = HexToDec(pop) + (startpop+endpop);

      dialog ok, Dialog Title;

                     text Trade Report:;

                     text ;

                     displayexp "format('From %s  to %s',SName)";

                     text Passengers:;

                     displayexp "format('Population: %d  Start Mod: %d   End Mod: %d   Value: %d', HexToDec(pop),startpop, endpop, PassValue)";



      The problem is the value of SName is always 0, even though $@SystemName is equal to “Feri”. Running the script debugger right before the dialog here are the variables:


      Endpop: “+4”

      Filename: “C:/Users/Eric/Skydrive/Traveller/System Data/Entrope.chr”


      isOnNew: 0

      PassValue: 0

      Pop: “A”

      SName: 0

      Startpop: -1


      Why won’t SName take the proper value?


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