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Re: [cw] Beginer Questions

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  • Bruce Kvam
    The tutorial for creating new game systems is available from the Windows Start button, with Start All Programs Metacreator Metacreator Tutorial. There
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 19, 2013
      The tutorial for creating new game systems is available from the Windows
      Start button, with Start > All Programs > Metacreator > Metacreator
      Tutorial. There are also links to it from the main page of the
      Metacreator help.

      On 1/18/13 2:48 PM, Julius wrote:
      > 2.) I'm trying to make a template for the FUDGE game Mecha Aces and I'm having some trouble with some things.
      > A.) One skill in Mecha Aces , Education, costs 2x the cost as normal purchased on the VH scale. Each level also confers a specific educational degree that the character has obtained that needs to be recorded.
      > How do I set a skill to cost 2x the VH cost and how can I add a note to indicate what the degree earned is for each level?
      If you're going to create completely new classes of skills with new cost
      structures you should probably write your own macros to define them.
      However, in this particular case you can define Education with the skill
      macro, set the diff to Very Hard, then add a Multiplier option (Insert >
      New Option) and set the value to x2.

      One way to display the degree earned would be to add an Expression
      option that uses the qindex function to show the desired value. For
      example (I don't know what the actual values you want for the degrees
      are, but you should get the idea):

      $$skill Education Very Hard %0ln: ^o'Degree'
      opt mult "Double Cost" ×2 end
      opt exp Degree "qindex(x+4, 'Grade School', 'High School', 'Baccalaureate', 'Masters', 'Doctorate')" end

      The first argument to qindex is x+4 because the value of Terrible is -3,
      and qindex requires a 1-based index into the list.

      Depending on your email application you may be able to copy and paste
      the above lines directly into a Metacreator data sheet.
      > B.) The game has skills that can only be learned if a character has certain gifts. I'm not sure how to do that. I can see how to have a gift that can be learned only with certain skills by looking at the FUDGE stuff that is Metacreator, but not this.
      Fudge doesn't have requirements for skills, so the basic Fudge macros
      don't have a prereq argument. You can write your own skill macro that
      could incorporate a prereq argument similar to the gift macro, which is
      defined in Fudge.inc. Compare the skill macro to the gf macro (which the
      gift macro calls) to get a feeling for what's involved.
      > C.) The game has mecha creation rules. Mecha are made like characters, but some things I'm not sure how to do the derived values of for the mecha, since some of them aren't a simple mathematical function and involve looking at 2 different values on a chart.
      You would need to write a function that does the necessary lookup. I
      suggest that you write your own ".def" file, which would define your own
      functions like the Fudge.def file does. To avoid having to duplicate all
      the functions in Fudge.def, make the first line in your .def file be

      $$include Fudge.def;

      Then you need to create a character sheet template and set the
      Definitions File in the Auxiliary Files tab of the Modify > Character
      Sheet Information dialog to the name of your definitions file.
      > 3.) I want to update the HeartQuest files to cover things in the expansions and I'm not sure how to do 3 things.
      > A.) HeartQuest uses Heart Points instead of Fudge Points and I want the character sheet & generator to show that.
      Change the main dialog of your character sheet template (Modify > Dialog
      Item Properties) to call them Heart Points instead of Fudge Points.
      Similarly, create your own print template (copy an existing .prt file),
      and change the label for Fudge points to Heart Points. Note that many of
      the print templates use layers, and you may need to use the View > Pages
      command to switch to the proper page of the print template to change
      that page.
      > B.) Steel Roses has mecha rules in it and I'm having the same problems that I'm having with them that I'm having with Mecha Aces. Both books were written by the same author.
      > C.) I'm not sure how to incorporate the Scholarly Magic rules from Fudge Magic 50 Magic Spells.
      > HeartQuest isn't a 5 Point Fudge Game. The way the rules work for each time the Scolarly Magic Gift is purchased a certain number of points that can be used for Scholarly Magic Skills (Spells) are. The selection of Skills(Spells) use the 5 point system, and a player will have 1-4 points to buy.
      This would require you to write a script that allows the user to select
      the level of Scholarly Magic, and then mediate the selection of the
      corresponding spells. When you get to the point where you are ready to
      try this ask for more help. The exact details of what you name things
      and where you place them depend on any factors.

      The scripts for Five-point Fudge provide examples of how this might be
      > 4.)Some FUDGE Gifts in certain settings add an additional attribute to the character if taken. The additional attribute is only added if the Gift is taken, and doesn't have a default value if the Gift wasn't taken I'm not sure how to set things up so if that Gift is taken the attribute is added to the character.
      When you define the gift in your data sheet edit the autoitems field.
      Specify the source category Attributes, target list Attributes and name
      the attribute to be added. It will look something like this:

      $$gift The Gift ?cat:Attributes;?list:Attributes;Balance

      > 5.) The Gift Veteran lets a player add one level to threes skills that are at Fair or Mediocre. I'm not sure how to add that Gift so the Totals for a character will look correctly.
      Since these are variable nothing can be done automatically. You can't
      use the autoitems directive; you would again have to write a script for
      the Veteran Gift that mediates the user's choices.
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