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Beta Version 3.8.4 Available

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    Beta version 3.8.4 of the /*Metacreator */and the /*Ars Magica */game system template are available in the Beta Test section of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2005
      Beta version 3.8.4 of the Metacreator and the Ars Magica game system template are available in the Beta Test section of http://www.alteregosoftware.com.

      If you wish to get these changes run the update downloader and install updates for both Metacreator and Ars Magica.

      If you have any problems please use the Support Questions page on
      http://www.alteregosoftware.com, or see the site for instructions on sending emails that will get to us reliably.

      This release contains the following changes:
      • Allow for experimentation during spell invention, creating enchanted items and empowering familiars.
      • Added Vis Extraction command.
      • Don't include Puissant bonus on abilities in the context of writing books and teaching.
      • Include Teaching score in teaching total.
      • Added additional arguments to reputation macro.
      • Privileged Upbringing allows martial and academic abilities.
      • Allow only one Social Status virtue per character.
      • Fix Study Requirement behavior.
      • Allow Lore skills to be used in place of Magic Theory when aligning effects to a realm.
      • Custos should give access to Latin.
      • Allow ability scores of 4+2 in covenant specialists to indicate a puissant ability.
      • Bold all sublists in covenant printing.
      • Account correctly for shield contribution in breaking out subtotals in combat stats.
      • Print notes and options on reputations.
      • Allow creating lesser devices with expiries when the lab total is less than twice the effect level.
      • When converting Fourth Edition covenants equivalent items are copied over; other items are copied to the Notes.
      • Fixed problem with adding excess experience to puissant abilities.
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