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Re: [cw] Re: More 3.5 Stat Block Questions

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  • Bruce Kvam
    ... Add automatic item directives like the following to the specabil argument of the prestige class: ?if:lev=2 ?opt:Range=60 Darkvision ?elseif:lev=3 ... Other
    Message 1 of 4 , May 14, 2004
      > 1> I have a special ability for one of my prestige classes that adds
      > dark vision: 60' to the character at 2nd level. I cannot for the
      > life of me figure out how to add this as a special ability for the
      > prestige class.

      Add automatic item directives like the following to the specabil argument of
      the prestige class:

      ... Other special abilities for 3rd level ...

      You can see an example of this in the Dragon Disciple class, which adds
      Darkvision at level 9.

      This is described in the help under the custom item documentation for adding
      new classes.

      > 2> I have another special ability that adds +1d6 to all unarmed
      > attacks made by the character when they gain the 1st level of this
      > prestige class, +2d6 when they gain 5th level, and +3d6 at 10th
      > level. Can't figure out how to do this.

      You should look into the Sneak Attack special ability, which does this, and
      the classes that use it (Rogue and others).

      * First decide what you're going to call this special ability. Let's say
      it's called "Smashing Fist".

      * Since this is basically the same as Sneak Attack, the easiest thing to do
      is to copy and paste Sneak Attack. It's under Rogue in the Fantasy.mds data

      * Create a subfolder in your custom data sheet under Special Abilities for
      your new class. Paste the Sneak Attack into this folder.

      * Change the name of the item you just pasted to "Smashing Fist".

      * Double-click the extrainfo argument and change the value to


      * Double click chgformula and change it to "SmashingFist".

      * Decide whether it increases by +1 at 5, 10, 15, etc., or it's just fixed
      at 1, 5 and 10.

      * In the adj argument of your class, add one of the following adjustments:


      (if the maximum is +3d6). This works because (x>=5) evaluates to 1 when the
      class level is 5 or greater (ditto for 10). In the adjustments "x" equals
      the level of the item (in this case the class level).


      (if the damage increases as long as you increase take additional levels).
      This works because from levels 1-4, "integer(x/5)" evaluates to 0. From 5-9
      it evalutes to 1, from 10-14 it evaluates to 2, etc.

      > 3> It looks like all special abilities from classes are showing up as
      > Special Qualities (SQ) in the stat block, even those that are really
      > special attacks. How can I define special abilities as special
      > attacks, rather than special qualities?

      This can be done by adding an option to each item that should be qualified
      as a Special Attack (there's already one defined as this), and then looping
      through the special abilities once to print special attacks and then again
      to print special qualities (everything else).

      We're planning on make that change ourselves, but by incorporating "Special
      Attack" in the cat argument of all special abilities that qualify. Then in
      the filter script we'll check the categories of items and display the in the
      proper location. If you'd like to help us categorize all the special
      abilities that should be categorized as special attacks, and test the
      changes, please contact me directly off-list.
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