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Re: [cw] Ease of Customization

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  • Wilson Zorn
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      From: "wcaliberty" <polaris2000@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 6:59 PM
      Subject: [cw] Ease of Customization

      > Greetings,
      > I am sorry for so many questions, I just want to make sure that I
      > understand MC before I get it.
      > 1. The macro data tables screenshot seems to indicate that I can
      > design weapons/equipment. How easy is that (is it as easy as
      > entering values in a spreadsheet, or do I need some other level of
      > programming)?

      For an existing game system, that template usually lets you do it very
      easily. It isn't so much customization as using the provided template for a
      system. Howeve,r if the template doesn't provide the tools USUALLY it's
      fairly simple to tweak to taste.

      > 2. If programming is required to modify or customize the templates,
      > what programming language would I need to have familiarity with?

      You don't, but there is scripting and macros for which it's helpful if
      you've had any sort of simple language (like VBscript or JavaScript) BUT it
      really isn't necessray. The book/tutorial can get you started.

      > 3. If I purchase by download, can I burn the files onto a CD and
      > have the same thing as if I had purchased the CD Rom? (I want to
      > have a hard copy in case my computer crashes, but would rather not
      > have to wait for shipping.. hehe).

      Don't know for sure but I only downloaded way back and to my knowledge I'm
      not missing anything.

      > Thanks!
      > William
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