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Re: Character Sheet Conversion

... All the updates are self-contained. The update does not change the original character sheet, it creates a new one. You need to save the updated character
Bruce Kvam
7:30 AM

Re: Filter problem I'm not sure how to solve

Sorry was in a hurry and didn't read all the way to the end. There's no mechanism to do that. It seems that the most flexible solution would be a way to quote
Bruce Kvam
7:23 AM

Re: Filter problem I'm not sure how to solve

... Yes, as I said I eventually figured this out. But that makes the CSS illegal; I can't use it anywhere else. So I have to maintain two CSS files if I want
5:41 PM

Character Sheet Conversion

I am running 5.3.6. I am using Savage Worlds. I get messages saying the program is 4 and my sheets are 2. Do I want to convert. I do. When I attempt to
4:31 PM

Re: Filter problem I'm not sure how to solve

You need to escape the % signs with \ so that the filtering mechanism doesn't try to process them. Ditto for any # characters that are used for hex numbers.
Bruce Kvam
May 23

Re: Filter problem I'm not sure how to solve

... I tried: but it initially did not work for me: /Missing % in filter Line: 115 / The reason is that my
May 23

Re: Filter problem I'm not sure how to solve

I generally include the stylesheet in the output file directly. This way the HTML file will work if you put it on another system. For example, the Savage
Bruce Kvam
May 23

Filter problem I'm not sure how to solve

I'd like to use a stylesheet with my filter that converts a character sheet into HTML for display in a brower. The problem is, I'm not certain how to
May 22
May 22

Re: Some filter keywords I don't understand

These are "native" text formatting commands, used in text-only filters for printing directly from Metacreator. @margins left right top bottom The values are
Bruce Kvam
May 22

Some filter keywords I don't understand

I've copied an old filter file into my new game system for modification - specifically, a filter for producing HTML. I may have copied the original from a
May 22

Re: A question about @sub

The include file is used to define macros for use within text objects in the print template. However, you can still accomplish what you want with a couple of
Bruce Kvam
May 10

A question about @sub

Hello. I tried to use @sub to define a subroutine inside of the file that's included in a print template (.prt). The include file is 'Include File' box on the
May 9

Metacreator Release 5.3.6

Release 5.3.6 of /*Metacreator*/ is now available on the Updatess section of our web site, http://www.alteregosoftware.com. Make sure that you download the
Bruce Kvam
Apr 30

Re: Autoitems: easy way to add all items from a category? [solved]

... Yes, that makes sense. ... It has to do with the way categories are implemented for data sheets. Because there can be large numbers of items (and
Bruce Kvam
Apr 26
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