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Security Issues with WinCVS

Just a quick reminder that the 'old' versions of CVSNT shipped with TortoiseCVS and WinCVS have known security vulnerabilities:
Arthur Barrett
Apr 8

Re: Fwd: Re: [cvsgui] WINCVS Gui flashes and disappear

David, Thanks for your help. This works.
Mar 26

Fwd: Re: [cvsgui] WINCVS Gui flashes and disappear

I have the same problem. I don't think I ever discovered the root cause, but as a workaround, I created a batch file with the following. set path= wincvs
David Novak
Mar 25

WINCVS Gui flashes and disappear

I have just installed WinCVS 2_1_1 on Windows 7. When I call up the GUI it flashes on the screen and disappears. Can anyone please assist.
Mar 25

Re: new ip address for repository

Once a sandbox has been checked out, its metadata folders all contain the address used for the checkout. If you used a name then your DNS resolver should find
Kerry, Richard
Mar 25, 2014

Re: new ip address for repository

You say the IP address has changed. Has the server name renamed the same? If so, it should be automatically resolved by DNS. If not, you can achieve the
Guy Rouillier
Mar 24, 2014

Re: New To WinCVS - can't login to remote

I need to know, how to work in locally ?, i am referring to local repository of programs not working well, thanks. Jose Luis Vega Programmer analyst El día
Jose luis Vega
Mar 24, 2014

New to WinCVS - not getting login prompt for remote CVS location

Hi, Guys. I'm having difficulty with my new winCVS setup. I have a CVSROOT setup in the application, and the login preferences swear that I should get a login
Mar 24, 2014

new ip address for repository

Hi Recently, ip address of the repository have changed. I can use the new ip address when I am checking out by clicking cvsroot and changing the ip address
Hatice Bagci-Friedman
Mar 24, 2014

Re: New To WinCVS - can't login to remote

What happened when you typed in your password? Or are you attempting to access an open repository anonymously? If the latter, the project usually identifies
Guy Rouillier
Jan 28, 2014

New To WinCVS - can't login to remote

Hi, all I just installed WinCVS for the first time, and I've got my environmental variables set, but when I try to get connect to the remote server, I get the
Jan 28, 2014

Re: cvs guis

... I'm not convinced about this approach. This will produce something that will run on each platform, but my experience is that those apps become second-class
Jens Miltner
Mar 18, 2013

Re: cvs guis

... An alternative would be to use a consensus platform such as QT
Dave Dyer
Mar 17, 2013

Re: osx lion?

... We should open up a discussion thread on the developers list concerning what to do with the CvsGui family. You may have seen someone inquiring about gCvs;
Guy Rouillier
Mar 16, 2013

Re: osx lion?

Unfortunately, some of the 3rd party code used in MacCvs is not available in an Intel build, so quite a bit of work would be involved in getting this build for
Jens Miltner
Mar 16, 2013
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