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Re: [Cut Throat Island] Re: ecce pirate

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  • bob el stop signo0o
    well...i know it s a film about Chris Masterson s Character, Bowen. It s about how he became a pirate and it was shown at Sundance Film Festival. Since I
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      well...i know it's a film about Chris Masterson's Character, Bowen. It's about how he became a pirate and it was shown at Sundance Film Festival. Since I heard it was about how Bowen became a pirate, i figured it was a prequel. Of course, i'm not sure at all. I'm just going by what IMDB said. I think it was IMDB, but I'm not sure. I don't think Modine is in it, he was the producer/writer i believe.

      Given how the bowen character seems extremely out of place in cutthroat, i was kinda wondering what the story of him would be...

      Did you notice that a LOT of pirates of the carribean reminded me so much of Cutthroat..ive seen pirates like 3 times n the first two i was trying to figure out why it was so familiar, and then i stumbled across the old cutthroat vhs and watched it...

      piratescoast <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Hi! Glad to see another member here- especially in the monstrous
      wake of Pirates of the Caribbean! ;)

      > has anyone seen Ecce Pirate? if so, does anyone know where i could
      > get a copy?? i've owned cutthroat island for about 5 years now and
      > found out about the prequel immediately after and still haven't
      > found a copy of the movie....so, if you know anywhere i can get one
      > please tell me...i've already tried eBay a dozen times n no one
      > ever sells it so...yea...

      I didn't even know such a film existed! Unfortunately, the only
      information that I was able to find about it online gave the
      impression that it was never publicly released- not in theatres,
      video or any other format. One of the sites I visited (a fansite for
      Matthew Modine, I believe) said that the twenty-minute film was
      produced for a private viewing for the cast and crew and has never
      since seen the light of day. Which sucks. Why make a film if you
      don't want everyone to see it?

      None of the pages I visited even had a decent summary of what the
      movie was about- but they all listed Modine as being part of the cast
      so I'd say it was probably more of a sequel than a prequel. I doubt
      it will happen but with the huge success of POTC it'd be so cool if
      Cutthroat Island's producers took a cue from it and created a decent
      sequel (well, one that's longer than twenty minutes and actually
      reaches the theatres, that is...). ;)


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