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187Re: [cumberlandcrossings] Rabbits

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  • Chad Anderson
    May 23, 2013
      We have a lot of rabbits as well. I believe the hillier parts of the neighborhood are worse because they are burrowing up in the relief drains of the retaining walls. Extremely good protection from predators. 

      I have considered placing mesh or chicken wire to block the drain outlets, however, concerned I might trap a family inside and create an awful stench...

      Just had a thought, could use the spray/pellets directly into the drains to discourage them living there. 


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      On May 22, 2013, at 9:28 PM, "umagov" <umagov@...> wrote:


      I have lots of bunnies in my lawn. No small plants survive including veg garden from them. For the last 2 seasons i have not been able to grow any new flower plants. There is also rabbit poop(pardon my lang) everywhere i step.

      Have tried every spray/pellet the home improvement stores offer but no use.

      Do any of you guys face this issue? Can you share what you have done get rid of the rabbits?

      I drove around other streets of our community and saw lot of ground level flower bushes and wondering if the bunny issue is specific to my street...may be they feel at home here :)


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