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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2006
      Hi Marv,
      I'm a member of the COPA Coordinating Council who's putting together much of the content for the site. I've attached initial working pages for the COPA website and hope to get more to you by Sunday evening. Several more will be forthcoming as our work develops further. I've made notes in red that hopefully will clarify what I envision and other pertinent factors. Let me know any questions or concerns you have about any of this. If warrented, we can set up a phone time to discuss whatever can't be handled by phone.
      Please let us know when you have this batch and the next batch set up and we'll see how it looks/works (or not) and compile revisions to send to you based on council input.
      1. Portal page
      2. Home page (the following attachments are the navigator bar pages ready enough to send to you)
      3. Velvet Mesquite (see home page red note)
      4. COPA Getting involved & Contact us
      5. Resource Directory By category
      6. Resource Directory By strategy
      7. Resource Directory By geography
      Forthcoming Feature pages (for now create pages for the following navigator bars that read Forthcoming Feature)
      1. Information Exchange Projects/Resources
      2. Information Exchange Newsletter
      3. Tool Box Community Assets
      Overall, there's much I like about the UNESCO Culture of Peace Decade site including it's colorfulness and use of symbols. However, I don't know if that would be the perspective of others on the COPA Coordinating Council. http://www3.unesco.org/iycp/uk/uk_sommaire.htm
      Thanks so very much for contributing to this work in such a valuable and genrous way!
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