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Re: [cultureofpeacealliance] comments on 2 Mar minutes

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  • David Kaler
    Thanks Jack, I ll attempt to address all of your thoughts and give you feedback. thanks for your quick response. Dave
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 6, 2006
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      Thanks Jack, I'll attempt to address all of your thoughts and give you
      feedback. thanks for your quick response.
      On Monday, March 6, 2006, at 06:18 PM, jocx@... wrote:

      > First I thot the use of the tree on the minutes was great.
      > 2nd I often like to cut and paste some of the notes like to respond
      > in a case like this and don't know how to do that with the pdf,
      > acrobat reader or whatever Dave is using and I find it inconvenient.
      > 3rd (Sorry Dave, I still love ya) using the COPA in the cc is also a
      > bit inconvenient for me (for others?) as I can't do a reply to all and
      > have it go to every one. This would have been convenient here as
      > would the ability to copy regarding a comment further down.
      > 4th RE: the ICP meeting, I think it is ICP and not IPC which I have
      > also used in the past. I think Del straightened us out on that one at
      > the 2 Mar mtng. If it's me that's off, thats ok, I just want to get
      > it right.
      > Also RE the ICP mtng my memory is that we were thinking about merging
      > or marrying with ICP but concluded that because of their focus on
      > faith, we would not do that. However, I do not remember anyone saying
      > that we could not join in alliances with them. Many of the local
      > peace groups are faith-based on some level.
      > 5th (and the part I had to retype instead of cut and paste) almost at
      > the end of the minutes "It was suggested that we approach the outside
      > using very diplomatic language so as not to offend anyone or raise
      > undo concern."
      > I certainly agree that we do not want to offend anyone -- tho
      > sometimes we must -- or raise undo concern, but my diplomacy is
      > usually governed by the party being dealt with and the situation. I
      > can't recollect the specific circumstance that prompted that remark,
      > indeed I cannot remember hearing it. I would like to be reminded of
      > the context. Also, I find the statement itself a bit awkward.
      > Other than that, Dave, believe it or not, I thought you did a
      > wonderful job with the notes and promptly done which I hope becomes a
      > trademark with all note-takers -- jack
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