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Permaculture Course with Larry Korn on DVD

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  • Regenerative Leadership Institute
    Hello We re about to ship the permaculture design course on DVD (a set of eighteen DVDs to be precise) and want to offer you a 25% discount when you pre-order
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2013

      We're about to ship the permaculture design course on DVD (a set of
      eighteen DVDs to be precise) and want to offer you a 25% discount
      when you pre-order by 3pm this Friday (June 21st). To thank you,
      we'll also include our beautiful Permaculture Fundamentals e-book
      ($35 value) and cover your cost of shipping!

      More details @ http://www.permaculturedesigntraining.com/dvd

      We need your support to continue developing the free online course
      into the complete amazing resource it can become. The proceeds
      from the sales of the DVD course will fund more editing and further
      development of the online course -- and you get to own the whole
      course on DVD to watch in the comfort of your home!

      Order the permaculture course on DVD before June 21st (or before
      supplies on-hand run out, whichever comes first!) and take $115
      off the regular rate. Plus get a free Permaculture
      Fundamentals e-book and free shipping!

      More details @ http://www.permaculturedesigntraining.com/dvd

      Here are some of the many topics covered in the permaculture course:

      - Permaculture principles for smart design
      - Pattern observation and site analysis
      - Natural building construction
      - Renewable energy and appropriate technology
      - Rainwater harvesting and conservation
      - Passive and active solar design
      - Graywater considerations and system design
      - Waste recycling and treatment
      - Reading the earth and natural cycles
      - Soil regeneration and restoration
      - Food forests, trees and design
      - Agroforestry and forest gardening
      - Useful plants and herbs
      - Cooperative economics and financial permaculture
      - Scale – designing sustainable, thriving cities
      ... and much, much more

      Get the whole course on DVD but you must order by this Friday to
      get free shipping, the ebook and this discount.

      More details @ http://www.permaculturedesigntraining.com/dvd

      The Regenerative Leadership Institute is the nation's sustainable
      living school, proudly A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau (see
      http://www.regenerative.com/bbb). You may also wish to review the
      150+ testimonials from past clients @ www.regenerative.com/reviews

      To get the discount and your free e-book you must order by Friday!
      Supplies are limited, offer good until sold out or deadline.

      Regenerative Leadership Institute - 1.800.376.3775
      The Nation's Sustainable Living and Permaculture Design School
      Proudly A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau
      14525 SW Millikan Way, Suite 17760, Beaverton, OR 97005
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