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  • jerilynski
    Aug 18, 2009
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      Hi Everyone, yes I have to say we have become the quietest group ever!  As Kate stated, I hope everyone will send out an email telling all about what you've been involved in this year.  I realize we have quite a varied group of women here, so "what say", let's all reintroduce ourselves and tell about our art.
      My name is Jeri Aaron, I've met a few of you in years past. 
      I'm basically into altered art creations.  I make a few cards (very few), love assemblages, adore making books - I write stories and then create a book that sort of "wraps" itself around the story.  I also work a lot with cabinet cards, do some canvas creations, altered books - and the list goes on!
      I also hold a few art retreats each year.  Most of those are set up for the attendees to bring whatever they want to work on and I provide a couple of make & takes for the weekend.  I am also holding a Gypsy Lore bookmaking class in Maggie Valley, NC in late October - I think that will be a glorious time to be in the Smoky and Blue Ridge mountains - can't wait to enjoy all the fall colors!  And then next April I am holding (Salado, TX) the Shady Ladies Altered Art Workshops, a retreat with several teachers offering lots of wonderful ideas.
      So to sum it up, my life has been filled with art creations and the sharing of them along with holding weekend retreats and planning more!
      Let's hear from the rest of you - and ABSTRACT DREAMER, our newest member, we're waiting to hear all about you!
      "The secret to life is a good cup of coffee"
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      It's good to hear from you Amy, glad the moving is behind you! Your new dolls and dragons sound fantastic, you have really been busy.
      Peg asked me to remind you that she has a crystal ball for your gypsy doll.
      Also Amy, we have a new member who is interested in handmade books and I hope she will chime in and introduce herself when she is ready.


      http://fromsaladost udio.blogspot. com/


      http://annandesigns .blogspot. com/

      From: Amy C Nelson <amycnelson@earthlin k.net>
      To: ctpaperarts@ yahoogroups. com
      Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009 9:52:19 PM
      Subject: [ctpaperarts] What I've been up to lately


      Hi Kate and everyone,

                      It’s been a very busy spring and summer for me.  I got my parents moved to town which took up most of May and June and part of July.  I have been working on dolls pretty much exclusively since I saw you last.  I made another Dragon as I was asked to make a pattern for it and needed to remake in order to write the instructions!  I entered that doll and another in the doll conference I attend every year in Albuquerque in July (which was a little over two weeks ago) and got first place and a Judge’s choice on the other doll and send place on the second dragon in my division.  I got some great feedback on the dragon which I need to incorporate in the pattern, so I’ll get to make another one to work out the details.  I will need to make a fourth as a sample doll to go in the booth of the fabric vendor who’d asked me for the pattern.  Whew!  That’s a lot of dragons!

                      I also made a doll as a donation for the conference auction.  She went home with an attendee from Arizona.  I am now working on a couple of dolls for the quilt show in Houston.  I need to have them done, plus another I haven’t started, and in Houston by the end of September, so I’m hopping!

                      How about you?  I have been checking blogs and love the glass beads.  Are you and Peg still interested in getting a booth at one of the Christmas art/craft fairs?  I’m really pushing to get enough dolls to do that if you guys are still interested. 


      Talk to you later!



      AnLiNa Designs

      www.anlinadesigns. com

      www.anlinadesigns. com/blog


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