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735What I've been up to lately

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  • Amy C Nelson
    Aug 17, 2009
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      Hi Kate and everyone,

                      It’s been a very busy spring and summer for me.  I got my parents moved to town which took up most of May and June and part of July.  I have been working on dolls pretty much exclusively since I saw you last.  I made another Dragon as I was asked to make a pattern for it and needed to remake in order to write the instructions!  I entered that doll and another in the doll conference I attend every year in Albuquerque in July (which was a little over two weeks ago) and got first place and a Judge’s choice on the other doll and send place on the second dragon in my division.  I got some great feedback on the dragon which I need to incorporate in the pattern, so I’ll get to make another one to work out the details.  I will need to make a fourth as a sample doll to go in the booth of the fabric vendor who’d asked me for the pattern.  Whew!  That’s a lot of dragons!

                      I also made a doll as a donation for the conference auction.  She went home with an attendee from Arizona.  I am now working on a couple of dolls for the quilt show in Houston.  I need to have them done, plus another I haven’t started, and in Houston by the end of September, so I’m hopping!

                      How about you?  I have been checking blogs and love the glass beads.  Are you and Peg still interested in getting a booth at one of the Christmas art/craft fairs?  I’m really pushing to get enough dolls to do that if you guys are still interested. 


      Talk to you later!



      AnLiNa Designs




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