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10316H. P. Lovecraft's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Chapter 1 is Now a Video on YouTube!

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  • Will Hart
    Aug 25 1:18 PM
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      Greetings from Fullerton , California !


      I couldn't make it to the NecronomiCon in Providence this year; but I was working on my latest Lovecraftian effort while the convention (and Lovecraft's birthday) was taking place.  And the following explains what I've been up to:


      H. P. Lovecraft's, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Chapter 1, read and performed by Yours Truly (William E. Hart) is now available as a 1080p HD Audio-Visual performance on YouTube at:




      This is the first of the five chapters of this story to have its video version posted on YouTube; and the other four chapters will eventually be posted there too.


      The visuals start slowly during the first half of this chapter, but the second half is like a whirl-wind tour of Providence history!


      In the meantime, while I work on the next chapter, the entire reading in MP3 format is already available at http://cthulhuwho1.com/2012/08/28/h-p-lovecrafts-the-case-of-charles-dexter-ward-in-a-free-unabridged-reading-and-performance-by-sag-aftra-actor-william-e-hart/ for those who can't wait to see the rest of the tale on YouTube.



      And for those collecting everything Lovecraftian:


      H. P. Lovecraft’s Providence as Russian (and World-Wide) Refrigerator Magnets!


      See the Images at http://cthulhuwho1.com/2013/08/25/h-p-lovecrafts-providence-as-russian-and-world-wide-refrigerator-magnets/


      H. P. Lovecraft’s Providence, as photographed by Yours Truly (Will Hart)  in 1990 during  the H. P. Lovecraft Centennial, has now become a pair of Refrigerator Magnets, added to the souvenir line of products offered by World-Wide Gifts through their English language site (for worldwide delivery) and through their Russian language site (for delivery only in Russia).


      My Flickr photos, which I freely share with everyone, are being used daily around the world (try a Google Image search for “California Cthulhu” + “Will Hart” and look for non-Flickr usage by moving your mouse-pointer over the pictures); but I’ve never before had the pleasure of seeing any of them turned into Refrigerator Magnets!


      I gain nothing more than fun from seeing my images being used on blogs, websites, in books (more coming), and magazines; but the idea of tourists from Russia, having Lovecraftian based images on their refrigerators, is just like icing on H. P. Lovecraft’s birthday cake!


      Happy Belated Birthday H. P. L.!


      Will Hart

      aka CthulhuWho1

      aka California Cthulhu




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