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10314PulpFest Website Updates

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  • Mike Chomko
    Aug 14, 2013
      Over the last few days, we've started to update the PulpFest website to prepare it for our 2014 convention, slated to be held about a year from now. You'll find a brand new page devoted exclusively to our 2013 event, complete with links to reviews of the convention and our 2013 promotional materials, Munsey Award nominees, and dealers.

      In the next week, we'll be moving our 2012-13 posts to a blogroll where you'll be able to garner a play-by-play view of the time leading up to the convention.

      We've also added a short write-up concerning Garyn G. Roberts, the winner of the 2013 Munsey Award to our "Past Award Winners" page. You'll also find a letter that Garyn sent to PulpFest, acknowledging the many people who helped him on his road to the Munsey. You'll learn exactly why this year's Munsey winner is so deserving of the honor bestowed upon him.

      You'll find all this and more by visiting www.pulpfest.com.

      See you in 2014!