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AuthorAssistant Webinar June 27

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  • sdlintl2005
    Hi Folks, At last month s Silicon Valley DITA Interest Group meeting we briefly touched on an SDL product called AuthorAssistant. We asked for a show of hands
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2007
      Hi Folks,

      At last month's Silicon Valley DITA Interest Group meeting we
      briefly touched on an SDL product called AuthorAssistant. We asked
      for a show of hands of those who might be interested in seeing a
      demo of AuthorAssistant and the response was nearly unanimous.
      Since I belong to the Central Texas Users Group, I wanted to share
      the same information with you.

      We're sponsoring a WebEx conference on AuthorAssistant later this


      Date: Wednesday, June 27th, 2007
      Time: 10:00am CST

      We've included additional info below.

      To refresh: Author Assistant enables content authors to
      automatically check to see if their writing complies with
      organizational standards and style guides. It also enables authors
      to "see" already translated/approved content and make adjustments to
      reflect existing translations. Clients experience:
      * immediate savings in their overall translation costs
      * faster editing process in general, and
      * a new level of consistency to their overall authoring.

      Definitely feel free to forward this to appropriate folks throughout
      your organizations.

      Best Wishes,


      Bryan Rand
      Business Development Manager
      SDL International www.sdl.com
      Email: brand@...

      From inactive to interactive¬óbringing your style guide to life!

      AuthorAssistant Webinar
      *Why is style so important in communicating a clear message to
      different audiences?
      *How can your organization ensure the brand is represented correctly
      and consistently?
      *How can you leverage style guide rules, terminology and previously
      written and translated content to improve the quality of content?

      Organizations today need to work hard to create and maintain a well-
      recognized and consistent brand. And yet, with contributors being
      dispersed around the world, the increase in off-shoring and the
      natural human diversity in style preference, there are many
      challenges associated with adhering to a consistent style across an

      Hear from the Chicago Manual of Style, Avaya and SDL on the
      importance of style in global communications and in achieving a
      globally consistent brand. Also discover how automation can improve
      the consistency of style and terminology in content and to better
      prepare content for global audiences.

      Date: Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

      Time: 8:00am PST 10:00am CST 11:00am EST 4:00pm
      GMT 5:00pm CET

      Duration: 45 mins
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