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Announcing 11/16/05 CTDUG Meeting

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  • Shepperd, Wendy
    Central Texas DITA Users Group In October, we formed the Central Texas DITA Users Group. Next week is the first official meeting. See end of this email for
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2005
      Announcing 11/16/05 CTDUG Meeting

      Central Texas DITA Users Group

      In October, we formed the Central Texas DITA Users Group. Next week is the first official meeting. See end of this email for more information about the group. Membership is free, and everyone is welcome!

      Don't know what DITA is? Know what is but want to learn more? Want to network with other users or potential users?

      Come join us for an "Introduction to DITA" presentation by local DITA guru Don Day, Chair of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and project lead of the DITA Open Toolkit.

      What: Central Texas DITA Users (CTDUG) Group meeting
      When: Wednesday Nov 16, 7:00 - 9:00 pm Central
      Where: BMC Software - Executive Briefing Center (EBC-A)

          10431 Morado Circle
          Office Building: 5
          Austin, Texas (TX)78759

      Who: All are welcome. No previous knowledge or membership is required. If you want to join the group, let us know, and we will add you to the list!

              7:00-7:30 Networking and Food (please plan to chip in for delivery or bring your own dinner)
              7:30-8:30 Speaker - Don Day, "Introduction to DITA"
              8:30-9:00 Q&A

          From MoPac or IH-35 Take 183 North.  Take the Braker Lane exit.  At the light take a left on to Braker Lane. Continue through the light at Braker and Jollyville Road (Braker Lane turns into Morado Circle). BMC Software is located at the corner of Braker and Jollyville Road. Take the 3rd driveway and park in front of Building V and check in with the Security Guard. 

              No meeting in December. More information for January meeting will be sent after the first of the year. 

      We have had one planning meeting to form the group. Following are the minutes from that meeting:

      10/19/05 MEETING MINUTES
      The purpose of this meeting was to establish a new DITA user group for the greater Austin area. The initial invite was sent to a group of people that had expressed interest in forming a group. Future invites will be sent to a broader audience to encourage participation in the newly formed group.

      Don Day,IBM, Chief DITA Architect, Chair of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, Manager of DITA Open Toolkit Wendy Shepperd, BMC Software, Information Development Manager, Vickeylynne Morrow, BMC Software, Lead Information Developer, Bob Beims, Freescale, Documentation Manager, Steve Vitali, Arbortext, Sales Representative, Bo McKenney, Dell, Information Developer, David Cramer, Motive, Information Developer, Andrew Lucchessi, IBM, Information Developer,of Jeff Smith, Bearing Point, Lead QA, Robert Wenner, @SEC, Senior Security Consultant

      The group decided the name will be Central Texas DITA User Group to welcome and encourage participation from throughout the region. Acronym CTDUG will be used to refer to the group in mailing lists and such.

      Where: Continue meeting at the BMC Software offices until there is a reason or need to change the location.
      When: Meet the third Wednesday of every month. The next meeting will be November 16.
      During introductions, each attendee stated their reasons and expectations for joining this group. Then, the group brainstormed about the goals of the group based on inputs (what the group would receive) and outflows (what the group would offer to external audiences). The group identified and agreed to the following preliminary goals.

      Inputs (things the group members receive)
      Sharing Best (and worst) Practices
      Demos (for example, processes, products) and how tos
      Outflows (things the group provides)
      White papers
      Results of inputs
      The group discussed and agreed to the following charter statement:
      The Central Texas User Group exists to share and advance knowledge and adoption of DITA in the central Texas region.
      Don described how the OASIS web site works and available options for posting information that flows out of CTDUG. OASIS will be providing a DITA focus area. WIKI technology will be used for posting to the site. A board will monitor the space to insure inappropriate material and/or spam do not overload the space.

      The group discussed the roles necessary to accomplish the charter and goals of CTDUG. Everyone preferred to keep it as informal as possible while still ensuring that we keep momentum. The group agreed that the following roles are necessary, and we will rotate the people in these roles on an as needed basis.

      Program Coordinator (Don Day) - establishes a program for each meeting (e.g., presentation, demo, or topic of interest)

      Meeting Coordinator (Wendy Shepperd) - develops and distributes meeting announcements and meeting minutes
      Food Coordinator (Steve Vitali) - plans what we will do for the meal at each meeting
      Email List (Andrew Lucchesi) - creates and administers the CTDUG yahoo group
      Email lists will be used as follows:
      Important announcements and meeting minutes will be distributed to:
      - CTDUG Yahoo list
      - DITA Yahoo users
      - STC Austin General
      - STC Austin Members
      - XML User Group
      Recipients of meeting announcements and minutes are welcome to forward to anyone they think is interested in reading the news, attending a meeting, or joining CTDUG.

      All information specific to the group (such as what pizza to order) will be confined to the CTDUG email list.
      01 - (Andrew) Set up the CTDUG yahoo group and invite members to join.
      02 - (Don) Provide email address information to Wendy and Andrew.
      03 - (Steve) Plan meal for next meeting.
      04 - (Don) Present the DITA introduction at the next meeting.
      05 - (Wendy) Send out the meeting minutes.
      06 - (Wendy) Send out the announcement for the next meeting when we get closer to the date.

      Wendy Shepperd
      BMC Software
      Information Development, Manager
      office 512-340-6549
      mobile 512-632-3288

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