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Crystal Skull Updates, March 9th

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  • Joshua Shapiro
    Hello dear extend family and fellow crystal skull explorers We hope this email finds you well - this continues to be an interesting year on many levels.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2010
      Hello dear extend family and fellow crystal skull explorers

      We hope this email finds you well - this continues to be
      an interesting year on many levels. Besides the continual
      outburst by Mother Earth - many people are feeling some
      very intense energies - we have for the past few weeks.

      Well sorry for the quiet over the last few weeks but I have
      been exploring a new world and learning more about the
      internet which hopefully these new insights will benefit
      future projects for our world.

      Ok, as most of you know, we are once again doing what
      we call the 13 x 13 x 13 world peace meditations with the
      crystal skulls and so on Saturday, March 13th at 1 PM
      (or 13:00) for 13 minutes will be the next meditation.

      The two key webpages to support this meditation are at:

      (background info if you are not familiar of have not joined us before)

      (for a suggested way to do the meditation and also an mp3 file
      you can download to guide you)

      We believe more then ever, these meditations are becoming
      quite important as their focus is to send out a loving energy
      to our planet linked with our crystal friends.

      We are forever grateful for all those who can join us and
      we are beginning now a strong campaign to have as many
      crystal skull caretakers/guardians to join us so that on
      the very last meditation to be held January 1st, 2011, two
      years and 26 meditations later since we started, as many
      of us as possible can come together. Imagine the special
      energies we can co-create - so if anyone can help us to
      share about the meditations (as this can not be done by
      a few people) we are humble and grateful.

      Ok, other quick notes - well I don't know if you liked our
      first video we made back in January linked to the small
      skulls we have available - but we have created a new fun
      video linked to our Peru Journey coming up in May and
      we have plenty of space if you have felt called to Peru

      we have a new webpage where you can see this video
      (plus it linked to other crystal skull videos after it finishes)
      just go to: http://www.Crystal-InterdimensionalJourneys-E.info

      let us know what you think ...

      and finally I am happy to finally announce, one of the new
      crystal skull guardians who has contacted us recently (with
      potentially an old or maybe ancient skull) has granted us
      permission to share their story but asked to be kept anonymous.
      Hopefully if we can get through all the work we have to do to
      let people know about the Peru trip this week, we will have
      a new webpage with photos of an amethyst skull and the
      story from the current guardian.

      Finally again we wish to acknowledge MD at www.crystalskulls.com
      for his help with our Peru Trip

      I hope this doesn't sound so preachy but we all get inner messages
      from our unseen friends and I can only share that I keep hearing
      over and over again how important it is for us to find ways to
      work together to co-create new events and share positive energies.
      Perhaps some of you are hearing the same. So when a member
      of our list offers their help without any expectation of return, we
      have to be grateful and acknowledge.

      So everyone in the Northern Hemisphere - hopefully Spring
      comes soon as we saw too much snow (even hear near Atlanta
      they had more snow and cold then normal). Enjoy the new
      video (thanks to our producer and camera woman Katrina Head)
      and look for the announcement later this week (I hope) of
      the report on the amethyst skull in Germany

      big hugs - peace and light everyone

      Joshua & Katrina
      the crystal skull explorers
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