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9402call for submissions: White Stag

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  • aejos
    Jul 2, 2014

      There is only ONE month left to submit to Issue Two of White Stag!

      White Stag is a biannual journal containing unparalleled poetry and prose from well-known and new writers. We offer the literary community a uniquely distinct taste for dark comedy, phantasmagoric imagery, complete dishonesty, and love poems to die for (and yes, pun is intended and strongly encouraged). White Stag strives to publish only the deepest emotion, the rawest of images, and the most unique language and syntax.

      Issue Two's theme is "Beyond The Taboo".

      In Celtic mythology, the white stag was believed to have appeared when one was transgressing a taboo. For Issue II, we want writing that goes beyond the bounds of the taboo whether stylistically or in content. We want to explore cultural and societal taboos and tap into those "otherworldly" traditions, rituals, and lifestyles that may be deemed unacceptable or strange to American culture. Explore the idea of the taboo as behavior too consecrated or accursed for an individual to undertake, with the threat of supernatural consequences. Feel free to use this symbol of the white stag to lead us there. We want to explore all of these ideas with a deep appreciation for the culture(s) they represent and without being blatantly offensive. 
      Submit now!


      White Stag strongly encourages bringing forth the imagination in a way that is memorable to our readers and inspires the imaginations of others to flourish.