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Happy 9th Birthday Venturing & Scouting's Sunrise: 1 August 2007

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  • crvcommunications
    Today is Venturing s 9th Birthday. It is also the day of the Scouting s Sunrise celebration. Scouting s Sunrise is for every Scout at all levels of the
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      Today is Venturing's 9th Birthday. It is also the day of the
      Scouting's Sunrise celebration. Scouting's Sunrise is for every
      Scout at all levels of the Movement. This special occasion will be a
      worldwide celebration in unity, with the maximum involvement of
      members as well as the public.

      Where are you going to be on this special day?

      On 1 August 2007, millions of Scouts and former Scouts, from all
      across the globe, will celebrate the dawn of a new century of
      Scouting. This will be the special day to celebrate the past,
      present, and most importantly, the future of Scouting.

      'Scouting's Sunrise' will take place exactly one hundred years after
      Baden-Powell ran his experimental scout camp on Brownsea Island. As
      the sun rises across the world, Scouts will gather together in
      thousands of locations to renew their Promise, do a Good Turn,
      present the Gifts for Peace projects and celebrate with local

      you can read more about Scouting's Sunrise at

      Be sure to celebrate today! Share your Venturing story with others!
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