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Introducing the 2006-2007 Central Region Venturing President

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  • Paul Lee, CR Venturing Prez.
    Greetings All Venturers and Scouters in the Central Region!! Over the past year, I have had the priviledge of working with, celebrating special occasions, and
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      Greetings All Venturers and Scouters in the Central Region!! 
      Over the past year, I have had the priviledge of working with, celebrating special occasions, and commerating moments in time with some of the best Venturers and advisors in the country. As Regional Venturing President, I have traveled across the country and around the world promoting and representing the Venturing progam. With the direct help of the Central Region Teen Leaders Council, we have dramatically increased the level of communication through our quarterly newsletters (Venturing at Crewsing Altitude) and website (www.crventuring.org). I thank you for your patience, understanding, encouragement, and support.
      While the time that I remain in this office is dwindling, the momentum is only increasing. Through our new Regional President, the great work that my dynamic team began will continue in the single effort to making Venturing in the Central Region the very best in the nation. Plans are in the works for a regional Venturing event for August 2007. There is work on releasing a council-level Venturing officer training, as well as infomation to help you promote Venturing in your local council. Please stay tuned for more information.
      With all of this exciting momentum, it is my distinct honor of introducing to you our 2006-2007 Central Region Venturing President. Chris Szybisty is from Detroit, Michigan, and the Detroit Area Council.  Chris is a member of Crew 1589. He is majoring in French and Math at Eastern Michigan University.  Chris is an Eagle Scout, has earned 3 Venturing Bronze Awards, Gold Award, Ranger, and Silver. 
      Chris will begin office on June 1. He will be sworn in during the Venturing National Court of Honor ceremonies of the National BSA meeting in Washington, D.C. 
      As you all know, the position of Regional Venturing President carries no budget from either the regional office or the National Council. Therefore we rely solely on the financial support of our constituents throughout the region to provide us the opportunity to meet your Venturers and provide a face-to-face interaction between the Regional Venturing President and the local councils. We are not limited to meeting just Venturers- we love to meet all Scouts, because we are all one family in Scouting. Please consider providing this opportunity for Chris, just as you have done so graciously for me.
      Beginning May 15th, Chris will begin transition into this position, not assuming all of the facets of this position until June 1st. I encourage you to offer your congratulations, concerns, and suggestions via this e-mail address. Attached is a press release that you may use in your local Venturing circles to introduce our new Central Region Venturing President and member of the National Venturing Youth Cabinet Chris Szybisty.
      In regards to my future, I will graduate from college this May 20th. I am running for the position of National Venturing Youth President at the National BSA Meeting. I will be working staff at the Florida Sea Base this summer, and after grad school (which will start in the fall), will begin my career as a BSA professional! It have truly been a pleasure working with you over the past year. To reach me after June 1st, my e-mail is crpresident@.... I look forward to working with you in the future.
      In the spirit of Venturing,
      Paul Lee

      Paul Lee
      Central Region Venturing President

      The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. --Gautama Buddha

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