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Training Times Summer 2012

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    Some items of interest to Venturing from the BSA Training Times (more at http://scouting.org/training/trainingupdates.aspx): Youth Protection Training Our
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      Some items of interest to Venturing from the BSA Training Times (more at http://scouting.org/training/trainingupdates.aspx):

      Youth Protection Training

      Our guess is that a lot of you took Youth Protection Training in 2010 to attend the jamboree, or because that was the first year it became mandatory. If that's the case, it is two years later and time to take it again!!

      It is very important that we do all we can to protect our youth and that we stay up to date on how we can all do Scouting Safely. Be sure to bookmark and visit the Youth Protection web site at http://www.scouting.org/youthprotection.

      Course Director Conferences

      Course director conferences for the course directors of Wood Badge and NYLT courses have been scheduled this fall in each region. Registration links for approved course directors can soon be found on http://www.scouting.org/training/Adult under Application for a Council to Conduct Wood Badge, Powder Horn, and NYLT.

      National Training Conferences

      As the summer moves along, the conferences at the Philmont Training Center are adding new vitality to units, councils, districts, and families all over the nation. Conferences the likes of the International Conference, the Region Journey To Excellence weeks, Strictly for Cub Scouters, Delivering Training to Unit Leaders, Be Prepared for High Adventure, and many others have brought more participants and their families to the Villa Greensward. This fall's Conferences and the Philmont Leadership Challenge will close out the year in style, and it is looking like this year's conferences will be among t*he best-attended ever!

      There are still some openings for the conferences in July and August, and for the fall conferences in September. Visit http://www.philmonttrainingcenter.org for more information and make PTC a part of your 2012 Scouting year.

      The draft schedule of the 2013 Philmont Training Center conferences is available, although subject at this point to possible shifting of dates and added conferences. The schedule will be finalized by the opening of registration in September.

      The January 2013 Winter Conferences at the Florida Sea Base are already accepting participant registrations. This winter there will be a two week array of conferences for Scouters seeking to learn from premier subject matter experts and national committee members from throughout the nation. It is the perfect time to get away from the snow and head to the Keys while learning more about subjects that will help you, your unit, your district, and your council. It is also a perfect way to network with Scouters from all over the nation. You can find more information at www.scouting.org/training on the Adult tab.
      Your participation at all of these conferences is really a two-way conversation with the faculty facilitators. The conference facilitators, along with national council volunteers and staff, share the latest in subject matter and what is being planned and developed for the future. In exchange they seek your best practices and feedback as we all work to enhance our Scouting programs. Then you take what you learn and spread the magic of these great places to your service area.

      Come enjoy our spectacular training and Scouting venues while meeting some of the nation's best Scouters from across the country.
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