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  • president@crventuring.org
    Central Region Venturing has expanded its website!  Check out http://www.crventuring.org/Membership/Overview/ for some brand new resources on how to create
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2009
      Central Region Venturing has expanded its website!  Check out http://www.crventuring.org/Membership/Overview/%c2%a0for some brand new resources on how to create new units or support your existing ones.  These resources include:

      Best Practices Survey.  We want to hear from
      YOU.  You are recruiting new Venturers and units, delivering the
      program, conducting fundraisers, etc. for your crew, district, or
      council and you've, no doubt, learned from your experiences.  Here's
      your chance to help other crews and councils.  This survey is an open
      avenue for you to submit suggestions on any topic at any level.  Take
      the time to put in your $0.02!

      Memorandums of Understanding.  This
      is a huge list of organizations with whom the BSA has some kind of
      relationship to serve Venturing crews.  We have posted all written
      agreements that we have found so far and there are links to a website
      for nearly each of those organizations.  There are over 140 listed
      organizations!  As we track down additional written agreements, we will
      post them on this page. 

      Unconventional Units.  Here is a
      collection of testimonies from Crews that show how diverse the
      Venturing program is.  These youth are doing exciting things that
      aren't the typical "outdoor/high adventure" units.  It is our hope
      these stories will inspire more "unconventional" crews to be
      chartered.  If you are a member of a crew with a unique interest or you
      know of a crew with such a focus please submit your information to communications-coordinator@... so that we can add more stories to our site.

      Venturing for Religious Organizations. 
      Here you can find everything you need to know about selling Venturing
      to a religious organization.  This section is based off of the
      "Venturing Resources for Religious Organizations" folder published by
      the BSA and can help you start new units within your place of worship.

      What are you waiting for?!  Check out www.crventuring.org for all of the new additions to the site!

      Katelyn Childs
      Central Region Venturing President

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