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Youth Services Team at the 2010 Jamboree

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  • Josh Kirby
    Newly-Formed Youth Services Team to Support 1,000 Youth Staff at 2010 Jamboree Staff Roles Available for Skilled Adult Volunteers February 1, 2009 – For
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      Newly-Formed Youth Services Team to Support 1,000 Youth Staff at 2010

      Staff Roles Available for Skilled Adult Volunteers

      February 1, 2009 � For immediate release

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      The Jamboree Department of the Boy Scouts of America recently approved
      the formation of the Youth Services Team�a team of skilled volunteers,
      21+ years of age, dedicated to the highest standards of fun, support,
      and safety for the nearly 1,000 16-17 year-olds who will serve as
      Youth Staff members at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. Keith and
      Dorothy (Dot) Gehlhausen of Evansville, Indiana, who advocated for the
      creation of this specialized service team after their personal
      experiences at the 2005 Jamboree, have been selected as the overall co-
      chairs for the Youth Services Team (YST). The leadership of the YST,
      consisting of the Gehlhausens, four function-specific vice-chairs, and
      three BSA professional staff advisors, are currently accepting
      applications for a limited number of YST staff roles from adult
      volunteers with specific skill-sets that directly support the mission
      and vision of the Team.

      The primary functions of the YST are divided across four areas of
      service to the Jamboree�s youth staff. The program section will
      produce evening and free time activities and entertainment exclusively
      for the youth staff. Security and support will work to provide the
      youth staff and YST members with what they need, and help them go
      where they need to be while maintaining the highest possible of safety
      while at the Jamboree home away from home. The administration section
      will aim to support communication and solve problems through
      information and coordination. The youth advisement section will serve
      as the team�s front line, interfacing directly with the youth staff
      throughout their time at the Jamboree.

      �The Youth Services Team will be one of the most highly energized and
      skilled groups of youth workers at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree,�
      writes Keith Gehlhausen, �we�re not necessarily looking only for
      Scouters with the most experience, we seek people who have
      professional quality training and experiences that can help the YST
      achieve its mission.�

      The search for those skilled volunteers is underway. Those interested
      in serving on the YST must be willing to dedicate time to planning,
      preparation, and implementation before, during, and after the
      Jamboree. A supplemental application that addresses the specific needs
      for the YST can be accessed online at http://bsa2010.org/hq/
      application. �We aim to match the best people to the right jobs, and
      to accomplish that, we need to know more information about our
      applicants than what is gathered with the standard Jamboree staff
      application,� according to Dot Gehlhausen. Applicants will also need
      to submit a Jamboree Staff Application and registration form under the
      �Event Reservations� section of http://myscouting.org, citing �Youth
      Staff� (even though qualified applicants will be 21+ years of age) as
      one of five staff role selections. The YST supplemental application is
      available online now through February 21, 2009.

      General questions about the Youth Services Team may be directed to the
      team�s co-chairs at yst@.... Technical questions related to
      the online supplemental application should be e-mailed to Josh Kirby,
      Vice Chair for Administration, at josh@....


      Posted by Josh Kirby
      Vice-Chair for Administration
      Youth Services Team

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