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1460Philmont 2014 - Sharing the Train to get a Group Rate

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  • smilesalot159
    Aug 6, 2013
      Chillicothe Venture Crew 91 is traveling to Philmont next summer. The ticket prices for Amtrak have really increased and we do not have enough members in our trek for a group rate. We currently have 10 members in our trek. A minimum of 20 passengers is required to receive the Amtrak group rate.

      Would anyone be interested in joining forces to get a group rate with Amtrak? We usually depart from the Galesburg, IL train depot but are willing to travel a little further if a group rate would be possible.

      Here are the dates of our trek:

      Depart Home - July 10, 2014
      Arrive at Philmont - July 11, 2014
      Depart Philmont - July 23, 2014
      Arrive Home - July 24, 2014

      Contact information:

      Ashley Bauer, Advisor
      (309) 339.8352

      W.D. Boyce Council
      Peoria, IL