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CR Surf Report for 5-4-08

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    If you cannot view this message, click here for the HTML version. Costa Rica s Weekly Surf Report ~ Volume
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2008
      If you cannot view this message, click here for the HTML version.
      Costa Rica's Weekly Surf Report ~ Volume 9, Issue 432 ~ May 4th, 2008


      National Forecast
      Top News
      Area Reports & Forecasts

      For more, go to www.CRSURF.com

      Featured Hotel - Luz de Vida Resort, Mal Pais

      Privacy in a tropical setting

      Jefferson Tacson - Three feet of vert

      Taken by: Anderson Tacson


      knee or less
      knee or less
      knee high
      knee to waist
      waist to chest
      chest high

      chest to head

      North Pacific
      1 foot overhead
      head high
      head high
      head high
      1 foot overhead
      1-2 feet overhead
      2-4 foot overhead
      South Pacific
      1 foot overhead
      1 foot overhead
      1-2 feet overhead
      2-3 feet overhead
      DOUBLE overhead

      Overview - Caribbean Coast - The week starts off quiet, but a ESE swell sets up near Venezuela and pushes in some chest high surf going into the weekend.

      Pacific Coast - The current SW swell is giving the entire coast some overhead surf through Tuesday morning. This fades through the day, dropping down to head high by Wednesday up north, a lil bigger down south. More of the same Thursday and Friday morning, but by dusk surfers see a few 1-2 foot overhead sets. More of them Saturday, and the full SSW arrives Sunday pushing waves up to double overhead.

      To do your own forecast - use our links here.

      TIDES for 5/4/08
      (add ~50 min. each day) Month View

      Low Tide: .26 feet at 7:17 a.m.
      Low Tide: 9.52 feet at 1:38 p.m.

      New Moon - May 5th

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      TOP NEWS

      Gilbert Brown takes the crown in the last contest on the CNS in Playa Hermosa. Read more in spanish in La Nacion.. or English..

      Tamarindo Recycling Day: May 10, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Tamarindo Beach parking lot, tamarindorecycles@....

      See the results from the first Bodyboarding Contest in Costa Rica, held in Playa Hermosa at Terrazas del Pacifico last Sunday April 27th. Read more..

      Turtle Protection Workshop: May 11, 9-11:30 a.m., El Pizote Lodge, ATEC, Puerto Viejo, Limón, 2750-0191.

      From Greencoast.com: Op-ed piece explains recent community meeting in Puerto Viejo regarding the New World Eco-Marina.

      From the Tico Times: Campaign Yields 5,000 Signatures Against Marina.

      Those planning a trip to the waves of Tamarindo, Langosta, Grande, Negra or Avellanas down here in Costa Rica, don't forget to give back to these same breaks by joining the first chapter of Surfrider Costa Rica. All money from proceeds of memberships and t-shirts sales go to our beach clean up campaigns, water testing and environmental education. You can sign up or get a great
      Surfrider Tamarindo t-shirt at Sports Club Sports Bar Langosta. For more info, contact Lock Cooper - Co- chair Surfrider Tamarindo.

      How about a free Dakine tractop? Just order any World or Ultimate Travel bag and get one sent to your doorstep. The lowest prices are found in the CRSurf Shop.

      For more top news stories, check here..


      Cabinas Las Arenas (2643-7018) in Playa Hermosa - E-mail

      Blue Trailz (2653-0221) in Tamarindo - info@...
      Roca Bruja Boat Tours
      (2670-1089) in Playa del Coco -  rocasurf@...
      Cafe Playa Negra
       (2652-9351) in Playa Negra -  cafeplayanegra@...
      Cabinas Las Olas (2658-8315 Fax: 2222-8685) in Playa Avellanas -  olassa@...
      Dona Paulina's Hotel and Restaurant (2652-9158) in Playa Negra -  infodonapaulina@...
      A Surfer's Dream House in Playa Negra -  info@...
      Safari Surf School
      in Nosara - Toll Free 866-433-3355 - info@...

      Horizon Surf & Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa - 2640-0524 - E-mail
      Esencia Hotel & Villas in Santa Teresa - 2640-0420 Fax: 2640-0381 - info@...
      Luz de Vida Hotel in Mal Pais - 2640-0320 Fax: 2640-0319 - info@...
      Vista de Olas Hotel
      in Mal Pais - Ph/Fax: 2640-0183 - info@...
      Ranchos Ituana (2640-0095) in Mal Pais - peter@...

      Kevin's Transfers (2643-2604 / cell:(712) 361-9218) in Jaco -  comeeds@...
      Third World Surf
      (2643-1497) in Jaco -  thirdworldproductionscr@...
      School of the World
      (2643-2462) in Jaco -  info@...
      Hotel Poseidon
      in Jaco (Toll free:888-643-1242 or 2643-1642) -  reservations@...
      Hermosa Beach House
      (2643-7178) in Playa Hermosa - info@...
      The Backyard Hotel in Playa Hermosa (2643-7011) - E-mail
      Hotel Marea Brava in Playa Hermosa (1-866-727-2577 or C.R. 2643-7043) - E-mail

      Walt Paraiso Hotel - (2215-1515 fax: 2778-8069) in Esterillos - waltparaiso@...
      Delfin Beach Front Resort in Playa Bejuco - 2778-8054 - info@...

      La Sirena Hotel (1-800-493-8426) in Quepos -  info@...

      Nature Cabina for rent near Dominical Beaches -  qpb@...
      Villas Rio Mar in Playa Dominical - (2787-0052 fax 2787-0054) -  info@...
      Hotel Diuwak
      in Dominical - 2787-0087 Fax: 2787-0089 - info@...
      Hotel Domilocos in Dominical - 2787-0244 - reservations@...
      Green Iguana Surf Camp (2787-0157 or 2825-1381) in Dominical - admin@...
      Teen Spanish and Surf Camps  (1-800-765-0025) -  info@...
      Costa Paraiso Lodge (2787-0025) in Dominicalito - info@...

      Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge (2750-0256) in Puerto Viejo -  reservations@...


      ** From Carlos at Costa Rica Aventuras in Playa de Coco (5/2)-

      Witchs Rock: Las condiciones estan muy buenas, el tamaño de las olas estan entre 6 a 10 pies constante y con viento perfecto, un poco de corriente pero perfecto para sacar buenas seciones con buenos tubos....

      Ollies Point: Las condiciones muy buenas tipicas de este mes con olas muy buenas entre 5 a 8 pies perfecto con buenos tubos.....

      ** From Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas in Playa Grande (5/3)-

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones:  We are seeing some Florida type rideable surf even though the high tides are in the afternoon and the wind is coming onshore before noon.  The swell has been constant at just about the right head high plus size.

      WHAT TO EXPECT (weather and waves) - Que va a pasar (clima y olas): As the tides get late we could get lucky with an afternoon glass off.

      BEST PLACE TO SURF IN YOUR AREA - El mejor lugar a surfear en su area:  The usual focus-in spots are more consistent.

      ** From photographer John Lyman, Lyman Photos in Playa Negra - (5/3)

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones: The surf has been pumping. Double overhead with mostly good shape. Partly cloudy skies with light offshore or no wind in the mornings, coming on shore before noon everyday. Water temp is 83 degrees.

      WHAT TO EXPECT (weather and waves) - Que va a pasar (clima y olas): The swell will start to decrease for the start of the new week. Head high with just overhead sets and continuing smaller as we work our way into the week.  The start of the rainy season is going to happen any day now.

      BEST PLACE TO SURF IN YOUR AREA - El mejor lugar a surfear en su area: We have low tide in the mornings now. Negra if you Don't mind the rocks or Avellanas if you do mind the rocks.

      NEWS AND UPCOMING EVENTS- Noticias y dias especiales: Check out the latest Playa Negra slide shows at www.lymanphotos.sbpix.com

      ** From Steve at Coconut Harrys Surf Shop in Playa Guiones (5/3) -

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones:   Waves are 6-8 ft. with stormy conditions. Winds turning onshore early. 

      WHAT TO EXPECT (weather and waves) - Que va a pasar (clima y olas):  The swell should continue through the weekend. Hopefully the waves will clean up with some better shape.  Wase are expected to drop in size early next week.

      ** From Erik at SurfingNosara.com in Playa Guiones (5/4) -

      Head high surf with overhead sets. Waiting for higher tides to clean it up.

      ** From Hotel Buenisimo in Santa Teresa/Mal Pais (5/3) -

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones: Solid overhead sets.  Good shape when the wind isn't on it.  Light rain.

      ** From Chuck at Walking on Water Surf Shop in Jaco (5/3) -

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones: Good size out there but we need some RAIN  to drive away the closeouts ! Business is good and plenty of people around town . Boca was on fire if a bit small with excellent shape today ! Have fun ! Chuck and the CREW at W.O.W. SURF !

      ** From Brice at Land Assurance in Dominical (5/3) -

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones:

      Shoulder to slightly overhead started today (Sunday).  On shore breeze isn't too bad and mid-day surf at the mid to high tide works ok.  Possibly there will be enough tide this afternoon to get an early evening session in.

      WHAT TO EXPECT (weather and waves) - Que va a pasar (clima y olas): It looks like next weekend may have some bigger waves, but the storm is way down south of Peru , so we won't know for sure until Tuesday or Wednesday.

      BEST PLACE TO SURF IN YOUR AREA - El mejor lugar a surfear en su area: The beach was closed out with a strong current over the last few days, but I had a great session today at 11:00 am up by the river mouth.  No strong current and I found some nice A-frames.



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