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CR Surf Report for 4/8/08

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    Costa Rica s Weekly Surf Report Volume 9, Issue 428 April 8th, 2008 NATIONAL FORECAST 4/9 - 4/15 Wed Thur
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      Costa Rica's Weekly Surf Report
      Volume 9, Issue 428
      April 8th, 2008


      4/9 - 4/15
      chest to head high
      chest high
      waist high
      knee to waist high
      knee to waist
      knee to waist
      waist to chest
      North Pacific
      chest to head
      chest to head
      1-2 feet overhead
      1-2 feet overhead
      1-2 feet overhead
      1 foot overhead
      South Pacific
      1-2 feet overhead
      2-3 feet overhead
      3-4 foot overhead
      2 feet overhead
      1-2 feet overhead

      Overview - The Caribbean is hitting the end of it's surf season with fun chest high waves dropping down to knee high by Saturday. No swell is seen until next weekend.

      The Nicoya Peninsula has seen some perfect smaller surf and will have more chest to head surf until Friday morning, when a SSW arrives with overhead waves. The swell mixes with another from the WNW to push in sets 1-2 foot overhead for the weekend. Farther south the left points will be firing through next Tuesday.

      To do your own forecast - use our links at www.crsurf.com/surflink.html

      TIDES for 4/8/08 (add ~50 min. each day)
      see all tides for the month

      Low Tide: (-.83) feet at 10:04 a.m.
      High Tide: 10.19 feet at 4:23 p.m.

      Full Moon - April 20th

      TOP NEWS

      Luis Vindas wins the CNS contest in Dominical. Lisbeth wins the Women's category and Carlos Munoz takes Jrs. Read the whole story here...

      The final stop on the CNS tour is in Playa Hermosa at Terraza del Pacifico. The 6-star event runs April 25th-26th.

      Delta now offers direct flights from New York to Liberia. This adds to their other routes from Atlanta and Los Angeles.

      Don't forget April 19-20th, Duran Duran, Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins, Seal, and Enrique Iglesias (really!) will be in concert in San Jose for the Imperial Festival. Tickets are from $20-60, and can be purchased at www.specialticket.net.

      How about a free Dakine tractop? Just order any World or Ultimate Travel bag and get one sent to your doorstep. The lowest prices are found in the CRSurf Shop.

      ** Surf Reporters **
      Waves Costa Rica (643-7025) in Playa Hermosa - info@...
      Hotel Buenisimo (640-0694) in Santa Teresa - hotelbuenisimo@...
      Hotel Las Tortugas (653-0423) in Playa Grande - surfegg@...
      Hotel Totem in Playa Cocles (750-0758) - totem368@...
      Witchs Rock Surf Camp (1-888-318-SURF) in Tamarindo - reservations@...
      Land Assurance (787-0291) in Dominical - info@...
      Coconut Harrys (682-0574) in Playa Guiones - reyersteve@...
      ** Sponsors **
      Island Hoppers TV - Bringing you the best surfing in da islands - info@...
      CR Travel Guide DVD, Only from Vertical Pics - info@...
      Costa Paraiso Lodge (2787-0025) in Dominicalito - info@...
      Horizon Surf & Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa - 2640-0524 - E-mail
      The Backyard Hotel in Playa Hermosa (2643-7011) - E-mail
      Hotel Marea Brava in Playa Hermosa (1-866-727-2577 or C.R. 2643-7043) - E-mail
      Walt Paraiso Hotel - 2215-1515 fax: 2778-8069 - waltparaiso@...
      Safari Surf School in Nosara - Toll Free 866-433-3355 - info@...
      Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica - www.surfingtravel.com
      Esencia Hotel & Villas
      in Santa Teresa - 2640-0420 Fax: 2640-0381 - info@...
      Luz de Vida Hotel in Mal Pais - 2640-0320 Fax: 2640-0319 - info@...
      Vista de Olas Hotel
      in Mal Pais - Ph/Fax: 2640-0183 - info@...
      Hotel Diuwak
      in Dominical - 2787-0087 Fax: 2787-0089 - info@...
      Hotel Domilocos in Dominical - 2787-0244 - reservations@...
      Delfin Beach Front Resort in Playa Bejuco - 2778-8054 - info@...
      Dona Paulina's Hotel and Restaurant (2652-9158) in Playa Negra -  infodonapaulina@...
      Green Iguana Surf Camp
      (2787-0157 or 2825-1381) in Dominical - admin@...
      Hotel Poseidon
      in Jaco (Toll free:888-643-1242 or 2643-1642) -  reservations@...
      Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge
      (2750-0256) in Puerto Viejo - reservations@...
      Cabinas Las Olas
      (2658-8315 Fax: 2222-8685) in Playa Avellanas - olassa@...
      Teen Spanish and Surf Camps
       (1-800-765-0025) - info@...
      Cafe Playa Negra
       (2652-9351) - cafeplayanegra@...
      School of the World
      (2643-2462) in Jaco - info@...
      Roca Bruja BoatTours
      (2670-1089) in Playa del Coco - rocasurf@...
      La Sirena Hotel
      (1-800-493-8426) in Quepos - info@...
      Third World Surf
      (2643-1497) in Jaco - thirdworldproductionscr@...
      Ranchos Ituana
      (2640-0095) in Mal Pais - peter@...
      Nature Cabina
      for rent near Dominical Beaches - qpb@...
      Kevin's Transfers
      (2643-2604 / cell:(712) 361-9218) in Jaco - comeeds@...
      A Surfer's Dream House in Playa Negra - info@...
      Blue Trailz (2653-0221) in Tamarindo - info@...
      CR Surfing Guide (619-520-3545) - gustavo@...
      Villas Rio Mar in Playa Dominical - (2787-0052 fax 2787-0054) - info@...
      Tico Travel - Surf Trips (1-800-493-8426) - info@...


      ** From Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas in Playa Grande (4/5)-

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones: The swell is holding, but the high tides have moved into the afternoon and the early onshore wind has been blowing it out.

      WHAT TO EXPECT (weather and waves) - Que va a pasar (clima y olas): Evening glass offs are possible.

      BEST PLACE TO SURF IN YOUR AREA - El mejor lugar a surfear en su area: Check the main peak first.

      ** From Rafael at Witchs Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo (4/2) -

      Today the waves look great in the morning, offshore wind and sizes 3ft to 5ft really good for all the surfer but in the afternon the wind change to chopped and onshore conditions..

      ** From photographer John Lyman, Lyman Photos in Playa Negra - (4/5)

      Playa Negra has been in the head high range with fair to good shape. Low tide in the mornings has made the place tube city with lots of ins and outs. Light offshore wind early but coming onshore by about 9:00 the last few mornings. More perfect beach weather and 81 degrees for the ocean. We have smaller surf on tap for the next few days. Waist to head high as small pulses of SW move through our little corner of paradise. By mid week coming up we will see more long period swells out of the SW with at least head high surf and probably bigger on the sets. Start looking for rain clouds in the afternoons as the rainy season gets closer.

      NEWS AND UPCOMING EVENTS- Noticias y dias especiales: Naked dancing girls on the beach at Playa Negra. www.lymanphotos.sbpix.com

      ** From Erik at SurfingNosara.com in Playa Guiones - (4/7)

      Surf is looking super fun this morning in the waist to chest high range with
      some larger sets.

      ** From Hotel Buenisimo in Santa Teresa/Mal Pais (4/5) -

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones: Good swell direction - clean head high surf most of the day.  Weather is beautiful

      ** From Chuck at Walking on Water Surf Shop in Jaco (4/5)-

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones:  Nice clean waves and the tides are getting better ! Just checked Oeste and it was waist to chest and so glassy and tide high dropping and just the lowtide lounge peak with one guy out ! Hermosa was a bit bumpy but Jaco was clean if a bit dumpy ! Just got the new WEBBER SLX boards in and they are so hot ! Also received a batch of new Channel Islands in directly from Santa Barbara ! Here in our Surfer owned and operated SURF SHOP have no fear ! We only carry the real thing and only quality product yeah we know you can find a big label board at way too good to be true pricing well think about maybe it is too good to be true ! If its real its going to cost a bit but those that know and surf well will be able to tell the difference , it takes a long time to build up a reputation as a top notch board manufacturer and NOONE just gives that up to someone else . It takes time and dedication to be one of the best in the world and that's why they [the best] Channel Islands and  Eric Arakawa choose us to handle their boards at our store along with a select couple of new ethical INDEPENDENT SURF SHOP AFFILIATES and yes you can check it out at their sites ands see whats really going on ! DON'T GET TAKEN BY UNETHICAL LABEL STICKING SURFBOARD MANUFACTURERS ! If you want a local hand shape see Carton  from Carton surfboards he has the ba--s to build his own boards and does a great job at it and doesn't have to BURN anyone else to sell his boards and doesn't cut corners to produce some low quality boards to sell to the unknowing ! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR y LO BARATO SALE CARO ! Support only real surfshops with real surfboards and real product who also support SURFING ! Thanks ! Oh and congratulations to Lupe Gallucio on her new sponsorship with Rip Curl and Dragon , she will be a nice addition to the RC crew along with Mattias Braun who just did a fantastic job in Panama   ! PURA VIDA ! Chuck and the CREW at WOW SURF !

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