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CR Surf Report for 9-5-05

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    Costa Rica s Weekly Surf Report Volume 8, Issue 301 September 5th, 2005 To see this report as HTML - visit: http://www.crsurf.com/sample.html To unsubscribe -
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      Costa Rica's Weekly Surf Report
      Volume 8, Issue 301
      September 5th, 2005

      To see this report as HTML - visit:

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      TOP NEWS

      Carlos Manuel Rodriguez signs draft of Water Law, protecting the
      country's aquifers and wetlands - by Rebecca Kimitch of the Tico
      TImes - www.ticotimes.net.

      Video of the week - how about some Aaron Cormican? - from Rancho
      Coral, where the 'air camp' takes place this fall -

      Get information for bus schedules at CRMercado.com.

      Some new partners of CRSURF -
      360 degree Tours - Tamarindo
      Magic Seaweed - New style surf reports
      Vacation City - based in San Jose

      CRSURF posts Surf Report #300!! Eight years of surf reports covering
      both coasts of Costa rica. Check out some old reports from longtime
      reporters from Playa Grande, Tamarindo, and Jaco.


      3 night - 2 day, all-inclusive surf trip on the central Pacific.
      Only $250! Contact Rodolfo at turdosmil@.... To see the
      rooms, visit www.cerrolodge.net.

      Seven Day Yoga Retreat at the Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge in Puerto
      Viejo - only $1299.


      Diana at Puramar.com post a surf journal from Tamarindo.
      The Rovercam - Playa Hermosa

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      Pacific - Surf is on for Monday, a foot overhead with 2 foot
      overhead sets. Gets more south and more consistent Tuesday, smaller
      only where the beach does not face south. Barranca or Pavones would
      be the call. Wednesday it starts to die down, and by Thursday it is
      back to headhigh and fun surf. Friday stays small, and it's chest to
      overhead through the weekend. The next south swell arrives next
      Monday and sticks around with 1-2 overhead surf for the following
      four days. Long term outlook is good.

      Caribbean - Tiny conditions on Monday are rleieved by waist high
      surf arriving late afternoon Tuesday. The swell increases to chest
      high + on Wednesday, but fades a foot a day later. Friday it's back
      to tiny with some tropical wave relief not expected until the end of
      next weekend.

      To do your own forecast - use our links at

      TIDES for 9/5

      Low Tide: .53 ft at 9:52 am
      High Tide: 8.69 ft at 4:03 pm

      (add 50 min. each day)

      New Moon - September 3rd

      ** Surf Reporters **
      Samara Surf School (656-0055) in Samara jesse@...
      Land Assurance (787-0291) in Dominical info@...
      Witchs Rock Surf Camp (653-1262) reservations@...
      Coconut Harrys in Nosara www.coconutharrys.com
      Diane at PuraMar Surf School (653-1355) in Tamarindo
      Hotel Las Tortugas (653-0423) in Playa Grande surfegg@...
      Roca Bruja Surf Tours (670-1020) in Playa del Coco
      Chosita del Surf (643-1308, fax 643-3328) in Jaco
      Rancho Coral (778-8648) in Esterillos wearesurfing@...

      ** Sponsors **
      Tres Monos Lodge (640-0090, 825-1381) in Mal Pais -
      Nature Cabina for rent near Dominical Beaches qpb@...
      Villa of The Rock (653-0498) in Playa Grande villaroca@...
      Kevin's Transfers (643-2604 / cell:(712) 361-9218) in Jaco
      A Surfer's Dream House in Playa Negra info@...
      Villas Rio Mar (787-0052 fax 787-0054) in Playa Dominical
      Tico Travel - Surf Trips (1-800-493-8426) info@...
      Hotel Terraza del Pacifico (643-3222 fax: 643-3424) in Playa Hermosa
      Wayra Spanish School (653-0359) in Tamarindo info@spanish-
      Costa Paraiso Lodge (787-0025) in Dominicalito -
      Casa del Noche - House for Rent in Playa Guiones -
      Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica www.surfingtravel.com
      Pablos Picasso Hotel and Restaurant (658-8158) in Playa Negra
      Hotel Poseidon (Toll free:888-643-1242 or 643-1642)
      Hotel Mar Paraiso (240-4053, fax 236-6826) in Jaco
      Hotel Cafe de Paris (682-0087, fax 682-0089) in Nosara
      Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge (750-0256) in Puerto Viejo
      Cabinas Las Olas (658-8315 Fax: 222-8685) in Playa Avellanas

      AREA REPORTS (sent in on 9/2)

      ** From Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas in Playa Grande -

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones:
      The surf has been relatively lousy the last couple of days with the
      on shore winds blowing out a small swell in the afternoon when the
      tides are right.
      WHAT TO EXPECT THIS WEEKEND (weather and waves) - Que va a pasar
      este fin de semana (clima y olas): Look for afternoon rain squalls
      in the afternoon to glass it off and don't surf if there is
      surfear este fin de semana en su area: The bigger waves (shoulder to
      head high) are focusing in just south of the hotel.

      ** From Diana at Pura Mar Surf Shop in Tamarindo -
      The following is a copy of an e-mail I wrote this afternoon to
      someone asking about when to surf where in Costa Rica. He had a
      great experience with good waves in Malpais one year and a
      disappointing experience with waves in Tamarindo the following year.
      He wanted some input for planning another trip. As this is a speak I
      give with great frequency, I've posted it here for all to see…
      "Great to hear from you! First of all–I'm glad you like the website.
      Second, I'm not surprised that you didn't see my shop in Jan 2004,
      because I bought it in March 2004 and at the time you were here, it
      was called Costa Rica Best Tours and I was working independently,
      renting boards from other shops.
      …Your story of good and bad surf trips is classic–welcome to the
      wonderful world of Mother Nature! Here is what I can tell you and
      what I can't. I can tell you that Malpais is ALWAYS bigger than
      Tamarindo. Look at a map and you will see why. Malpais is open to
      the ocean and Tamarindo is in the back of a shallow bay that faces a
      bit north. Tamarindo does get big waves (6-10 ft) but they only last
      a day or two at a time, generally. When Malpais is fun (6-8 ft),
      Tamarindo is 3-4 ft. When Tamarindo is 6-8 ft, Malpais is 10-12. You
      see? "The swell hits there" (surf-lingo) much better than it does
      I can tell you that "good surf" has more to do with the shape of the
      waves than with the size. "Good surf" is created by off-shore winds
      and on-shore winds will create crappy surf no matter what the size.
      And the wind is actually much easier to predict than the wave size.
      Wind is generally off-shore in the morning, to try to travel when
      you'll have a morning high tide (tide charts at crsurf.com). In
      Tamarindo-area, February and March ususally have TOO MUCH off-shore
      wind which actually flattens the surf and doesn't let waves shape up
      at all, so don't come then. Malpais doesn't have that phenomenon, so
      go there any time. …Other than that, the wind pretty much does what
      it wants.
      The size of the surf is created by storms in the ocean. When it's
      winter in North America, our swells come from the north. When it's
      winter in South America, our swells come from the south. The worse
      of a winter everybody else has, the better waves we get and as you
      know, winters vary a lot and who can predict them??? That's why I
      can't tell you when and where to go to get certain sizes of waves.
      I suggest you avoid October (lots of rain), April (miserably hot)
      and Feb/March (only if you are coming to Tamarindo). Other than
      that, come when it suits you best and know that Mother Nature does
      what ever She wants whenever She wants.
      Hope this is helpful even if not all that specific…come say Hi when
      you visit! "

      ** From John Lyman Photos at Pablo's Picasso with the Playa Negra
      surf report:

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones:
      The surf has been fun with head high and a few overhead sets.
      WHAT TO EXPECT THIS WEEKEND (weather and waves) - Que va a pasar
      este fin de semana (clima y olas): Expect more of the same. With the
      high tide in the afternoons check out those afternoon early evening
      glass offs.
      surfear este fin de semana en su area: The main peak in front of the
      hotel has been working. The lefts have been unusually good and
      unusually uncrowded.
      NEWS AND UPCOMING EVENTS- Noticias y dias especiales: Got photos?
      Let Lyman know if you don't and he will shoot you. Bang!

      ** From Harry at Coconut Harry's in Playa Guiones (Nosara) -

      Well, the surf is not showing what we expected, BUT it's still fun &
      NOT crowded - maybe chest-to-head high on bigger set waves - this
      report is for Friday (Sept. 2) - perhaps better tomorrow? Hasta
      bananas, Coconut Harry

      ** From Samara Surf School on the Nicoya Peninsula -

      AREA WAVE HEIGHTS AND CONDITIONS - Tamano de las olas y condiciones:
      The swell has backed down, but the 3 foot waves that are here are
      PERFECT FORM... Long rides, glassy conditions, off shore winds.
      Longboarding. Nice sunset sesh's, choppy and windy with the rain.
      WHAT TO EXPECT THIS WEEKEND (weather and waves) - Que va a pasar
      este fin de semana (clima y olas): A swell is expected to be coming
      in, bringing 4 to 6 foot waves, nice form. For the weekend we have 3
      foot waves, soft peaks, great for intermediate surfers. Good time to
      practice up on your skills. Perfect conditions for beginners for
      whitewater. Choppy conditions with rain.
      surfear este fin de semana en su area: The best surfing spot in
      Samara is right in front of the Las Brisas Del Pacifico hotel. No
      crowds or localism, with a nice clean perfect wave. LONG RIDES THIS
      NEWS AND UPCOMING EVENTS- Noticias y dias especiales: The conditions
      in Samara are perfect for beginners right now, so if you've always
      wanted to learn surfing come on down or over! If you love
      longboarding and want calm conditions it's perfect now! Pura Vida

      ** From Chuck at Wow Surf Shop in Jaco -

      Juan Carlos Naranjo just got a new board delivered by Craig Cronin
      one of the shapers of ERIE surfboards www.eriesurfboards.com and
      he's just killing it ! Watch out for more of these guys boards and
      riders in the water , its all good ! Oh speaking of good [or not]
      our town just got inundated by a container of CHINA made cheap
      surfboards and are even being peddled by one of our amatuer surf
      directors ? Imagine that , hey if we don't sell more of the REAL
      SURFERS boards then who is going to sponsor the young hot rippers ?
      Will MIKE DOLSEY surf designs be an official sponsor of the Natl
      Circuit or would he or his distributors ever ride one ? ? Would
      anybody even ride em [maybe one]? Come on man , surf lessons on BZs
      is one thing and dont ask Mike Hubbard [ BODYBOARD CHAMP] about BZs
      sponsorship you would be shocked about how much they put back in to
      surf and related sports[look at the rescue sleds for TOW-IN] . Lets
      keep our boards surfer built and surfer sanded and surfer ridden or
      maybe we better buy stock in WALMART ! LOOK OUT CARTON and BANZAII
      and FISCHER BRO'S here comes the CHINA JUNK ! Anyways I dont care
      who you buy your boards from but make sure they are "surfer built"
      and "SOULFILLED" and let the Chinese guys make cheap bicycles and
      toys and ladies underwear , no real surfer would ride one of these
      anyways ! Thanks and keep the soulfire burning , Chuck and the Crew
      at W.O.W. surf !

      ** From Rancho Coral in Playa Esterillos -

      Local Climate: Hot and Sunny, Air Temp: 91F. Water Temp 87F,
      Direction & Height: South 4-6 ft., Sea Surface: Glass, Wind: South 0-
      3 MPH, Sunrise: 5:31 AM , Sunset: 6:12 PM, Current Condition: We
      have a south pumping conditions up for the weekend. Check out our
      live cam on Surfline.com. We have Aaron Cormican's Air & Space Camp
      for you future Astronauts, inquire at surf@... - learn
      the air/flips from the best in the biz, Pura Vida!
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