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some "green stuff" for tomorrow, 22nd April

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  • ruxandra_oprica
    Hi everyone! Tomorrow is Earth Day so the American Culture Club will show An Inconvenient Truth , a documentary on Al Gore s campaign to make the issue of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2008
      Hi everyone!

      Tomorrow is Earth Day so the American Culture Club will show "An
      Inconvenient Truth", a documentary on Al Gore's campaign to make the
      issue of global warming a recognized problem worldwide. There is
      also going to be a quiz about personal environmental impact for
      everyone willing to participate.

      The event is free and available to people of any age, so you can
      bring your friends, colleagues or whoever might be interested. Movie
      starts at 5pm, at "Mansarda Casei Baiulescu", English Cultural
      Center.Spread the word and let's have fun :D

      Please arrive on time!!! (or you'll get no snacks :P)

      Ruxi >:D<

      "If you want to make new friends, socialize in an English speaking
      environment, organize and participate in events, you should check
      out the American Culture Club.
      It was founded by the American Studies students with the
      support of the American Studies program and English Cultural
      Center. "ACC" has weekly meetings with discussions on various social
      issues. Some of the events we've organized in the past include film
      screenings (Multicultural Film Forum, as well as documentaries), and
      discussions with guest speakers from United States (poet Christopher
      Bakken and multiculturalism professor Dr. Roemer)
      You can find out more about us and our events at
      www.freewebs.com/accbrasov (still under construction)We hope to see
      you at our next meeting!"
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