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Re: [croydoncrows] Re: FW: [BRDL] The Long Man of Wilmington

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  • caroline westbury
    I watched the whole youtube video and I couldn t see what the fuss is about. The petition talks about religious offence to the pagan community . Is it so
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 12, 2007
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      I watched the whole youtube video and I couldn't see what the fuss is about.  The petition talks about "religious offence to the pagan community".  Is it so offensive to show a male figure temporarily as a female?  What's wrong with being represented as a female?
      If we sign this petition, are we not falling into the same trap as the rest of the whinging, blame-casting judaeo-xtian community?

      ANNE KEELEY <l0verni0s@...> wrote:
      Dear All,

      I forward this on from another pagan e-list that I am on.

      Best wishes Annie

      >From Ceinach:
      >http://petitions. pm.gov.uk/ Longmanabuse/
      >Please help bring this to the attention of the Government and sign the
      >petition to get the broadcast stopped by signing the government approved
      >petition at the attached link.....
      >Thank you for your support.

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