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Re: [croydoncrows] Re: An Introduction

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  • Mani Navasothy
    Hi Pete, welcome to croydon moot list.. I d like to mirrow what Paul said.. The PF London website I manage (www.pflondon.org) has basic contact details and
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 3, 2007
      Hi Pete,
      welcome to croydon moot list..
      I'd like to mirrow what Paul said..
      The PF London website I manage (www.pflondon.org) has basic contact details and info on all major London moots and talk events (not all are Pagan federation..but all are our friends...or people/moots we know..or  visit at times..).  It's info I have personally pooled together o behalf of PF London..for everyone's convenience.
      For clarity for new comers to this list, - all officials, council members, mooy organisers, refional coordinators ..of the pagan federation are volunteers..
      Anyway, do join us at the next moot..in croydon..
      Infact before the next moot, we will be having our PF London quarterly outdoor event..- this one in croydon..on sunday 17th june.. at Croham hurst..  (near south croydon)..  It's a picnic and a midsummer ritual..
      Do come and join us for that, if you can.
      By the way, I do know that Becky is in the process of organising a Redhill area moot soon.. (just to assure Geoff!)
      warm wishes

      Paul Newman <thipnewman@...> wrote:
      Dear Pete,

      Hi, welcome and thank you for joining the Croydon Crows group.

      You, and everybody, are welcome to come along to the Moot, next one
      is 18 June. If you need directions, I can provide them.

      Since you are in W London, you may like to know of more London wide
      activities. Mani has a great group covering the whole area at
      www.pflondon. org.

      Groups like Secret Chiefs and LEM are very convenient in Central

      As you may be aware, there can be a lack of contact in area outside
      London itself, but there are two Moots reasonably close to you which
      I can recommend in Uxbridge and Ealing. They should be on the
      Pflondon website, but again I can help out of they're not. Please
      check the details of the ealing Moot carefully: they have moved
      venue in the last month. Is Staines convenient for you?

      Also, keep checking the messages here, as people do post for rituals
      happening in the London area.

      Best Wishes


      --- In croydoncrows@ yahoogroups. com, "bty440055" <guthroth@.. .>
      > Hi
      > My name is Pete and I found this group tonight.
      > I'm in outer West london (just North of Heathrow) and while I'm
      > exactly a spring chicken, I am newly awoken to the beliefs of
      > and kindred.
      > I'd like to meet other similar-minded folk interested in order to
      > explore my new beliefs, and I wonder if I might join you on 18th
      June ?
      > Pete

      www.pflondon.org - for info on Rituals & socials of the PF London.
      The Pagan Federation is a not for profit company, limited by guarantee. The Pagan Federation Ltd. Company No. 4056879 registered in England & Wales. Registered Office: Town Farm, Tibshelf, Derbyshire, UK DE55 5NY.

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