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  • kenrees
    My upcoming courses are pasted below. As always anyone interested can `suck it and see (for free) for one class before making any commitment to enrol!
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2007
      My upcoming courses are pasted below. As always anyone interested can `suck it and see' (for free) for one class before making any commitment to enrol!


      facilitators of the Cosmos



      Tutor: Ken Rees                                                           Course No: 424

      Pt.I – The Wisdom of the Fool                 Saturday 19.5.07  10.30-17.30

      Pt.II – The Shaman as Otherworldly Healer   “      02.6.07       “       “

      Pt.III –Magician as guide to cosmic realities   “      16.6.07       “       “

      Fees: £45.00  Cons: £15.00 inclusive             Enrolment: 020 7269 6000




      THE MARY WARD CENTRE, Queen Square WC1


      The first Day will examine the role of the fool, the jester and the trickster in mythology, literature and society to illustrate the lessons this figure may have to teach us for today. We will analyse the universality of this archetype, identify the place of such a character in one’s everyday life and learn to appreciate the social value of burlesque.  

      Our second Day will clarify the meaning of the term `shamanism’ and demonstrate it survival and relevance to today’s world. It’s cross-cultural breadth and historical depth is stressed. Contemporary expressions of neo-shamanism are identified and the value of a shamanic perspective for personal development is appraised.

      The third Day school looks at the place of the magician, both in the past and today, as a manipulator of hidden realities, an aspirer towards a higher self and as a practitioner of esoteric skills to this end. We will look at a representative sample of both key figures and significant groups including the original Golden Dawn, the Society for the Inner Light and their leading members.

      It will be shown how vital all three figures have been for moving the energies of both our inner and outer worlds and how through the disciplines of anthropology, literature and history their worth is once more being realised.


      E-mail: kenrees@...                          Enquiries: 0208 671 6372




      Thursdays 7.00 - 9.00 pm
      from 19 April 2007 - (Summer Term: 6 – 8 weeks)
      Fees: £58.00 Cons. £22.00  Course Code: 6EHC007-01
      Enquires: 020 8671 6372  Enrol: 020 7573 5333/5212
      HOLLAND PARK CENTRE, Airlie Gardens W8


      This term’s programme looks at the new Paganism, Wicca, and Druidry as well as goddess spirituality and considers in what ways myth has informed such a revival. We will concentrate on:

      • Exploration of the continuities between spiritualities of the past and renewed interest in them today as reformulated for contemporary life.
      • The return of the Goddess – the role of spiritual feminism.
      • The new Paganism and the place of modern Wicca, traditional witchcraft, hedgewitchcraft and emergent Druidry in its expression.
      • Mystical Ecology – ecopaganism and the rebirth of the tribe.

      These trends will be located in the wider socio-cultural context of modern society: in particular – the personal quest for a coherent identity, the need for roots and the search for community.

      Topics are critically evaluated throughout using the tools of the social sciences. The course is illustrated with slides, videos, cassette recordings and handouts and delivered via lecture and discussion format. Field trips to an ancient site or to a traditional festival (e.g. Padstow May Day) may also be possible.


      Tutor: KEN REES                                                     E-mail:kenrees@... Kensington & Chelsea College                                               www.kcc.ac.uk



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