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Big Thank you/ Re: [PFLondonEvents] Tamesa Samhain Ritual TODAY & Samhain WEBINAR online

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  • Mani
    A very big Thank you to all the wonderful pagans & interested people who came to the Tamesa River of Souls ritual last night. Wow.. I was not expecting that
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2012
      A very big Thank you to all the wonderful pagans & interested people who came to the Tamesa River of Souls ritual last night.
      Wow.. I was not expecting that many, but was quite thrilled to have shared a deep ritual on the banks of the river Thames..at Samhain night itself.
      Got some fab photos of the tribal/ primal / stone & bone altar with pumpkins, cauldron and stuff..
      Will post them on the http://www.PFLondon.org (Pagan Frontiers of London) &  http://www.Tamesa.info (Tamesa London Circle) websites soon as a slide show..

      Bright Blessings
      -Mani, April & TLC Team

      ps. The Pagan Fed London indoor Samhain Ritual is on tonight. Conway Hall. 8pm (Red Lion Square, Holborn)

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      Subject: [PFLondonEvents] Tamesa Samhain Ritual TODAY & Samhain WEBINAR online

      Dear all,

      Well, Halloween season is almost over.. :-)
      But we still have a few good related events going on..

      1. Tamesa: River of Souls Samhain Ritual 2012 (in Central London)

      We are gathering by the river Thames on the 31st October’2012, around 8pm by the Millennium Bridge (St-Paul’s side) ..for this annual ritual. In Greek mythology, Charon the ferryman sails souls of the dead across river Styx to the Underworld (he requires coins as payment).  So for this night, river Thames (meaning `dark one’) stands in for river Styx, and as token gesture for our ancestors’ spirits, we will offer small coins into Thames.. It’s an evening where you can dress up freely in your Withcy, pagan or magical robes, cloaks and attires...and be seen..  as everyone else is busy doing their fancy-dress parties in London.  We will facilitate a very simple ceremony.. of creating sacred space, calling ancestral quarters in place of east, south, west & north...and honour our ancestors as well as the thousands of spirits that inhabit the river Thames (from the bodies & bones that have been thrown into Thames for many centuries...).

      *alert*  Extra-  We'll be doing some eco-magic through the Water, to send protection to those Whales & Dolphines in the east where they are under threat from Whalers*
      (Tamesa London Circle &  Treasures of Tamesis - est 2006)   Full history & details at  http://www.Tamesa.info

      2. Samhain Webinar 2012   (  Replay).  

      If you are planning to sty in (either today or tomorrow) and feel like listening to a Webinar (web seminar with slides & voice)..  then..Here is a special 75 minute (edited) replay of last year's popular Samhain Webinar!  Mani Navasothy, Wiccan High Priest, talks extensively about Samhain, and also covers introductions to Paganism, Wicca, Altars, outdoor rituals..and answers questions from listeners. We hope you enjoy this informative webinar. 
      Please go to    http://www.Witchcraftandmagic.org    and follow link to its Webinar Page. Thanks. 

      3. Pagan Fed London Open Ritual:
      Thursday 1st Nov.. at Conway Hall, as usual.   Event starts at 8pm.  Entrance £5/£6.   Take food & drinks to share.
      (details already posted by others, so I won;t repeat them here).

      Bright Stellar Blessings
      -Mani & April

      www.Witchcraftandmagic.org (Wicca, Witchcraft and Magic courses/ online resources)
      www.Tamesa.info   (Thames related Rituals & socials) 
      www.Hern-Tribe.org   (Woodland ritual group Hern's Tribe..  seasonal outdoor rituals)
      www.PFLondon.org  (Pagan Frontiers of London- Pagan resources, videos, Webinar links, Blogs, articles, info on Groups, moots, shops)

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