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Oracle of London: PFL news updates (13Sept'12)

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    Oracle of London:  PFL NEWS  -13Sept’12   Dear all,   The London Olympics 2012 may be over, and others talking about `party hangovers’ – but for us
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      Oracle of London:  PFL NEWS  -13Sept’12
      Dear all,
      The London Olympics 2012 may be over, and others talking about `party hangovers’ – but for us Pagans, the parties are just beginning! We all know that apart from the Beltane festivities, the next big cycle of festivities take place between September and December, with Autumn Equinox, Samhain & Yule events coming up.  It’s not official, but we all know we sort of `feel’ it to be a deep magical time.
      This is a version of the news update sent to all the people who opted-in for updates at our website www.pflondon.org.   If you like, you can also opt-in. Just go to the website and put your e-mail in the opt-in box at the top-right corner. :-)
      Share with your friends.
      Feel free to share these updates (just forward) with your friends and other esoteric contacts. And if they like, just opt-in, so they can get this direct. (go to www.pflondon.org and submit ya e-mail. That’s all).
      Send your NEWS
      Here’s a thing-  if you have major (or just any special) events & activities going on and would like to share that with others, just drop me a message. As this is a byte-size update, please make it a few lines plus contact website/ number/e-mail.  That’s when it’s most effective. I’l also share selected info/NEWs with my other update lists (PFL members Newsletter, Gaian Times News etc!)
      That’s all the admin stuff done, so now here’s what’s going on in London J
      1. PF London Open Ritual: Autumn Equinox – 13th September 2012.
      This is today, and am sorry if this is late notice.  Just get to Conway Hall, Red lion Square, Holborn by 7.30pm for an 8pm Ritual start. It’s a special ritual by a heathen group.  Entrance:  £6 but only £5 for PFL members / concessions.
      2.  Druid Ritual.  Outdoors.  Sunday 23rd Sept’12.
      Celebrate  Autumn equinox with a ritual for Alban Elued in the Hawthorne Grove, on Primrose Hill with the loose association of Druids. . Nearest tube: Chalk Farm & Swiss Cottage.  Contact Jeremy via mobile: 07956-831-503 during social hours (UK time).
      3. A Day with Ronald Hutton and Friends –  Sunday 16th Sept’12.
      Discussing  Modern witchcraft: Building a future from history.  Organised by Centre for Pagan Studies. (They previously organised `Day for Doreen Valiente’ (2009) and `Day for Gerald Gardner’ (2010).   Where: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4RL.   Tickets £25 pp.
      Featuring: Prudence Jones, Philip Heselton, Rufus and Melissa Harrington, and of course Ronald Hutton – Professor of History, Bristol University.
      4. Advance news: October Plenty harvest festival in London -21st Oct’12
        October Plenty is an Autumn harvest celebration held annually in Southwark. Beginning on the Bankside, by Shakespeare's Globe, October Plenty mixes ancient seasonal customs and theatre with contemporary festivity, joining with historic Borough Market, Southwark.  It is a collective celebration of the seasons, weather and food, in a public place, with access to everyone. The event is free, and happens whatever the weather.   Here’ a link:  October Plenty -21st October’12
      5. Advance news:  Samhain Celebrations by Pagan Future Fests – 21st Oct’12
      First they gave us Samhain Celebration in 2011, then Belostra in April of this year. Now PFF are back with their 2nd annual Samhain even -  with  Live Music (Inkubus Sukubus, amongst other bands!), Tarot Reading,  Pagan Supplies, Talks & Workshops..and big Drum Out.   Here’s the link: http://www.paganfuturefests.org.uk
      6. Pagan Federation membership – easy on line  *NEW*
      Pagan Federation is finally stepping into the 21st century . The new IT manager Peter has finally sorted out the long term dreams of many people who wanted to  join the PF by filling/paying online.  Go to http://www.paganfed.org/paypal/join.shtml  and fill a very short form, and before you know it, you’ll be a full PF member (if you are not one already!).  It’s only £20 for singles, and joint memberships are just £25.  Value!!
      7. PF Blog -*NEW*
      Another of the new PF innovation is the new `people’s blog.  Anyone can submit content, and Peter will sift them and put them up as part of the PF blog. Check it out here. http://blog.paganfed.org/
      8. Magic in Paralympic Closing ceremony – Druid words
      Did you spot the pagan words honouring the four directions, elements and more?   Yeap, the Druids kept the secrecy till the event as per their promise to the Olympic committee, until it actually was revealed in the Ceremony.  Here’s their blog: http://www.druidry.co.uk/2012/09/09/bdo-ritual-in-paralympics-closing-ceremony/
      9. Invisibility spell  in Paralympic Closing.
      Many people fail to spot the voodoo/ key of Solomon-type symbols that were part of the floor design. Here in my blog I put it out with a screen shot. And I’ve had a response from a reader, satting it’s actually part of an Icelandic Witchcraft spell to make one Invisible!  Read more here . http://quantumphoenix.net/2012/09/09/mystical-magical-symbols-at-closing-ceremony-of-paralympics-london-2012/
      10: Parade of Champions video
      Well, that’s the round up for now. If you, like me, were excited and involved by the feats of Team Gm in Olympics & Paralympics, here’s a short Youtube video of the Parade of Champions I made to mark the event. http://youtu.be/NDMsBvyX8Ao
      Don’t forget to share this News update, and more importantly, send in your events to me at I’ll share it in next updates with all.
      Bright Blessings
      Webmaster, PF London
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