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PFLondon Midsummer ritual, Wicca, Moot & NEWS

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  • Mani
    Dear Pagans & Magicians, Here s information on some forthcoming events.. 1. PF London Midsummer Open Ritual   (1 week early) 2. Enfield Town Circle (this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2012
      Dear Pagans & Magicians,

      Here's information on some forthcoming events..

      1. PF London Midsummer Open Ritual   (1 week early)
      2. Enfield Town Circle (this thursday)
      3. 3-wk course: Intro to Wicca & Witchcraft (starts next week)
      4. Croydon Crows Moot
      5. Gaian Times eco-magazine

      1. Midsummer Open Ritual- by Moonlit Path
      Thursday 14th June'12.
      8.00pm Start!    Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn.  Entrance: £6 (PF members/ cons only £5).  Please bring seasonal food & drinks to share at feast after ritual.
      This marks the height of the Summer. The Sun has grown to its fullest potential, and moves into the sign of Cancer (natural home of the Moon!). The wheel turns. Holy-King returns to challenge the Oak-King and wins. It is a time for the God to become Sun-King, and take his place on the throne of responsibility for his people.

      2. ET Circle   (Enfield Town Circle moot)
      This month's ET circle (moot) takes place this thursdy on.. 7th June'12, at the usual place in Enfield Town.
      This is to avoid clashing with the PFL Midsummer ritual (next week).

      3.  Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft ( 3-week evening course).
      Following the 1-day course last month, by requests, we are running a 3-week course this month.
      Dates:  13th, 18th & 28th June.   Full fee (if paid online): £30.   Normal fee (payable on the day): £12 per session.
      Times: 7pm-10pm.   We cover in detail the basics of Wicca & witchcraft:   Wiccan ritual format;  Consecrations, Circle casting, Working with elements & quarters, energy raising, God & Goddess in Wicca, Magical work & ritual, and the 8-fold pagan festivals / Wheel of the Year.
      You can book online at http://www.witchcraftandmagic.org/

      4. PFL  Croydon Crows Moot
      Meets 3rd monday of every month.  Next moot is on 18th June'12.    Run by Paul Newman.

      5. Gaian Times eco-Magazine (free online)
      Explores the Magic, Science & beauty of our Earth.  Issue#4 is now published online.
      Feature articles include 
      -Bullying in Pagan & Wiccan Communities
      -Esoteric Exclusion: Coven rejections
      -Sacred Goat Setting
      -Tarot for Gaia
      -Pychology of Superhero syndromes
      -Winning Edge the Golden Olympian way
      ..and more.

      Opt-in at http://www.gaiantimes.com/  with your name & e-mail, and get instant access to reading all the features.

      And finally,

      6.  NEW PFL Events Coordinator -Elle Hull 
      It's my great pleasure to announce that Elle Hull - Priestess of Avalon - is taking up the role of PFL Events Coordinator, with the appreciation and support of the PF-London Council. I am stepping down from this post after 8 yrs (but remain as PFL webmaster!)

      See you at one or more of these forthcoming pagan events.

      Bright Summer Blessings
      -Mani Navasothy


      ps. We are awaiting confirmation of the London Pagan Pride Parade (in a few weeks). We'll keep you informed.

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