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Wicca Course (London); Gaian Times Magazine; Pagan Drama-Filming group

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  • Mani
    Dear all, Some very exciting NEWS.. well, 3 actually. 1. Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft ( 3 week indoor course in London). Thursdays 12th, 19th & 26th
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2011
      Dear all,
      Some very exciting NEWS.. well, 3 actually.
      1. Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft ( 3 week indoor course in London).
      Thursdays 12th, 19th & 26th May'11. 7.30pm-10pm. At Atlantis Bookshop, Holborn.
      Fee: £35. (You can pay this at the course. But contact us in advance to confirm attendance).
      This is an introductory course to Wicca & Witchcraft, running in an indoor venue in central London. The Course Facilitators have Craft & Coven experiences of 15+ years.
      You do not need to have previous experience, so long as you have a basic understanding of Paganism & Magic. This course, running for the 4th yer now, is experiential with practical works.    Topics Covered:  Brief History of Wicca, Energy raising,  Sacred Space/ Catsing Circle, Elements & Quarters, God & Goddess invocations, Wheel, Magic & Ritual., Further steps in Wicca.      (Our outdoor `Practical Magic workshops in June & July will cover some tool making and ritual work to compliment this course! ).
      Style of sessions: Introductions & notes, some exercises; group discussions, guided path-working, demonstrations by tutors; short rituals; some chants; brief magical works; Your questions & answers.
      Full contents & details at our dedicated website:
      2. Gaian Times- online Magazine   (tri-annual)
      First issue uploading on 21st May'11.
      website: www.GaianTimes.com  This is the official website of `Gaian Times' a  registered not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (No: 07515903. Registered in England & Wales. Its Aims & Objectives are for the benefit of the public, and focus on Conservation of Environment, exploring evolving trends of the world and human activities such as worship, regard,respect for natural world, advancing education in subjects of spychology of the sacred and nature worshipping religions, and promoting visionary arts.
      One  of our objective is to offer advise and admin/website support to others in setting up not for profit bodies or charitable organisations.  (Full set of Aims & objects can be seen in our website, and Articles of Association obtainable from Companies House for a small fee).
      This free online magazine (part of the Gaian Times initiative) aims to explore science, magic and psychological trends – past, present and future- of our planet. We aim to publish Gaian Times 3 times a year, in May, September and January, but the flexibility of online publication means there will be additional articles and features uploaded in between the tri-annual editions!
      Magazine will contain Feature articles, supplementary blogs, photographs, Regular Columns on Counselling & Divination topics, Readers letters, Creative writing & Poetry, Visionary art works, multimedia features (audio / video clips), webinars (website based seminars!) and more!!
      Feature articles coming up in issue 1 & 2 include the following:

          -Brief History of Gaia: From Greek Goddess to Galactic Collective!

          -Price of a Google search:

          -Work of the Gaian Times Ltd:

          -Utopias & Dystopias: Future Societies and what we are (not) doing about it!

          -Repealing of the Witchcraft Act (UK):

          -Bionics, Concrete and Paganism:

          -Spells, Magic and the Human Desperations:

          -Magical powers- Does it exist?

          -Rebellious Wars- Price of Freedom:

          -Royal Wedding and the place of King in modern myths:

          -2012: End of the World and other such mysteries!


      Be a Journalist: If you would like to contribute- write a thought-provoking (!) feature or a short fiction (based on our themes) or submit Visionary & Sci-fi art works, please contact the Editor as soon as possible! If you hurry, we might even squeeze your contribution into our first edition!! Normal journalistic & copyright rules must be observed! All rights remain with you the submitting individual!!  (topics for contributing can be found in our website www.gaiantimes.com ).

      Be a Reporter: We also would like people to send in interesting stories they have heard (Report). Accuracy and citation of Source are important (but if Source is confidential, we will safeguard the name!).

      Support Gaian Times: We are a registered not-for-profit company working for the benefit of the public. If you would like to support us with funds or develop projects, we’d love to hear from you.  Gaian Times is founded after nearly 2 years of planning and inspiration, by Mani Navasothy & April Jonquil. It continues the magical ideals and themes of Earth, Environment & Kinship..that we began to explore in the PFL's  Gaian3, Gaia-Fortuna & Gaia-Sol Conventions in 2007, 2008, 2009.


      3.  Pagan Drama & Performance Group


      We are in the process of starting a multi-media pagan drama Group,which will meet regularly to practise drama techniques, creating costumes & props, creating and producing pagan video films (and special dramatic rituals at festivals).


      If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, Mists of Avalon, Avatar, Robin of Sherwood and other magical / fantasy / visionary story-telling..  we like to hear from you.

      If you have talents (or like to develop some) in costume making, creative writing, script editing, filming, special effects, producing, directing short films,  creating music, choreography, planning, project managing..   and are looking for a creative outlet...why not join us in this exciting venture?


      This group will work under `Gaian Times Ltd' (not for profit),  and will initially work on the support and goodwill of participating members;  Donations and fundraising activities will eventally give us the additional scope. All creative films / videos produces will be uploaded to our websites & youtube for public viewing, and showing at pagan conventions and festivals.


      Contact us by e-mail  hern3000@...  or info@...  or mobile 077689-41373.


      Bright Blessings & Good fortunes

      -Mani & April


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