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Craft & Magic: Outdoor Wicca (apprenticeship) course. starts May'09.

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  • Mani
    Dear all,   On this day of Fools, I am pleased to announce the begining of the following journey..    Craft & Magic 2009: Outdoor Wicca
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2009
      Dear all,
      On this day of Fools, I am pleased to announce the begining of the following journey..
       pentagramCraft & Magic 2009: Outdoor Wicca course (apprenticeship format)
      (monthly, 5 months;  May-September 2009).

       Wicca & Witchcraft is a mystery tradition and best learnt experiential. Last year, we ran  3 sets of weekend & evening wicca courses in the spring, summer & autumn.   In 2009, we will facilitate this in a 5-months long outdoor (apprenticeship) course. Training sessions will be once a month at an outdoor woods around London. There will also be additional indoor social meet-ups every month for  discussions, feed-backs and preparations.


      Better Continuity, regular connection and natural group bonding, as well as a chance to work magic in woodlands around London are unique advantages to this course.  Between monthly training sessions, participants will be asked to take up personal magical work and quests, and share their experiences at subsequent sessions.mani-empowerment


      Participants will be guided through foundations necessary for magical work & wicca, preparatory rituals, path-workings & quests, as well as making and using essential ritual tools.  Attention is given to the fact that this is an outdoor course, with minimum fuss to elaborate tools. More focus will be on working with natural tools and energies of the land and the Self.    Spiritual aspects of the psyche-such as Seeker, warrior, Healer, King/Queen - will be linked in the context of the God & Goddess archetypes/nature cycles. (these will be fully explored in a closed group course in Autumn/ Winter).


      Unlike other courses,  registration process will involve a prior-personal meeting with the lead facilitator (Mani Navasothy) , either one-to-one or at  one of the many pub moots or pagan events.  The first of these meetings will be on sat 25th April'09, at a Beltane outdoor ritual event.


      Regular attendance and a commitment to completing the course will be appreciated  from all participants.


      The lead facilitator of these courses is Mani- initiated Wiccan High Priest with 13years experience in private groups and public  ritual workings.  As well as having experience of Coven craft, Mani has formed and ran outdoor ritual groups Hern’s Tribe and Tamesa London Circle, and incorporates elements of transpersonal psychology, shamanic working, drumming & masks in ritual magical work. As Events Organiser  for PF London,  Mani has managed many open rituals, pagan socials, Masked Balls, and the annual Gaia conventions, for 4 years.


      If you are interested, please contact Mani via hern3000@... or phone mobile 077689 41373 (text or call in evenings)  to arrange a meeting.


      Bright Blessings.

      -Mani Navasothy


      ps. additiona details on www.pflondon.org (under `courses' ).

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