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Spring Equinox wishes & outdoor spring event at Oxleas (sat 21st)

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  • hern3000@yahoo.co.uk
      Dear all,   Sun has just (11.45am) entered the sign of Aries..  It s officially Spring Equinox now. :-)         Wishing all a bright time ahead, as
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2009
      Dear all,
      Sun has just (11.45am) entered the sign of Aries..  It's officially Spring Equinox now. :-)
      spring-eqx-art      Wishing all a bright time ahead, as the Wheel turns..

               “In the turning of the Year,   

                 the light equals the dark,

                The sun embraces the moon,  

                the balance of hands is true,

                The left and the right,

                the dark and the light.”

      Thank you to all for attending the PFL spring eqx ritual last night at conway Hall. Special thanks to `Enfield Town Circle'  (Enfield Moot run by April).. for facilitating the ritual.  I notice there was a sharp mercury-saturn alignment yesterday..  all sorts of challenges in everyoen's lives.. open sea, calmer waters now.. and our own Star (sun) is bright above us today..  FANTASTIC! :-)
      If you missed  the ritual last night, there's an outdoor Spring ritual event  happening at Oxleas woods (organised by Ed & April). 
      "Pagans at Home-Pagans in the Park will be holding a Spring Equinox open ceremony on Saturday 21st March at Oxleas Wood. We will meet at 11AM outside the cafe, which, for those who don't know it, is at the end of Crown Woods Lane, off Kenilworth Gardens (see the link below). There is no charge, but please feel free to bring some food and drinks to share in a picnic afterwards. Please also feel free to bring any stories, songs, poems, juggling skills or music (live, not recorded, please) to perform/share during the picnic. Pagans at Home-Pagans in the park is family oriented, so parents, please feel free to bring your children. For those who want more information, please call Ed on 07957 625117 (evenings or weekend, please) or email us"
      Love & Bright solar blessings
      PF London Events Team
      ps.  Our next big event - Outdoor Beltane & Earth week/Day (25th April'09)..  Then indoor Beltane ritual (7th May'09). See website for details.





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