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PFL Gaia-Fortuna - Many thanks!

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  • Mani
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2008

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      Subject: PFL Gaia-Fortuna - Many thanks!
      To: "PF London Events" <pflondonevents@yahoogroups.com>, "pf-members-yahoo-gp" <pfmembers@yahoogroups.com>, "Hern's Tribe" <hern-tribe@yahoogroups.com>, "Tribe of Avalon" <Tribe_of_Avalon@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Tuesday, 30 September, 2008, 9:01 AM

      Dear all who attended PF London's Gaia-Fortuna Convention on saturday,
      On behalf of the Pagn Federation London, I'd like to thank you all for the huge support you gave us, in attending and making the Convention a successful one.
      Our thanks go to the ritual teams - Caroline Wise & friends who did the Opening ceremony of attuning us to Fortuna,  and to Hern's Tribe & Tribe of Avalon for their  colourful, symbolic and wild closing ritual ritual- with the 4 Elemental Goddessess, Hern, animals, plants and humans! our sincere thanks. Our sincere thanks  go to fantastic talks/performances by John `Crow' Constable (drumming/singing), Sascha Cooper (Gothic bely dancing with audience participations) and Bacchus Border Morris (dancing).
      Big thanks go to our convention contibutors- Caroline Wise, Ken Rees, Vivianne Crowley, Geraldine Beskin,  Marl Jeoffroy, Phyllis Pointer, Caroline Robertson, Michael Bingas and Meredith- for their indepth talks on a varied subjects- with additions such such slides/illustrations, music and audio/video clips!    These are certaintly taking PF London Events into the world of multimedia presentation..!
      And ofcourse- our thanks go to Ed & April Richardson, Mark McCann, Jaqueline Anne Woodward-Smith and Marielle Holman- for their  well attended popular workshops - on rune songs, working with Fortuna, the Bee Goddess and ofcourse Dance in ritual.
      Special mention must go to Mark McCann- who's conversation and mention of the Goddess Fortuna (many months ago at Secret Chief) that gave me the idea for the `Fortuna' theme of this convention!
      No pagan convention would be comlete without Craft stalls- and their registration fees provide a huge part of the funds that support a convention of this scale.  So we are very grateful to Stall holders - (Moonlight magic, Mark Jeoffroy, Tamesa London Circle, Gwen Davies, Scorche's Pyrography, Hedgewitches Kitchen, Oak Ash and Thorn, Hedingham Fair, Rusty Unicorns, Foxgloves Crafts, Libra Aries Books, Reddog, Magicka Realms, Goddess Pages, Hands for Health and Tarot organisation (by Ania)- in place of Deadly Glamour.
      A special mention to Stall holders of Oak Ash & Thorn- who kindly lend us their laptop for Vivianne Crowley's illustrated Talk, when we had technical problems.
      And last, but not least- big thanks to Atlantis Bookshop & Treadwells bookshop for publicity and sale of tickets, to University of London Union- for hire of their venue, to PF London Regional coordinators for their pre-convention support, and to Events Team members for publicity and devlopment.
      My personal and most sincere thanks go to the Convention Team-  Jean Williams who - only a month ago was very seriously ill at hospital but now fully recovered- whose drive and trust gives me stregth to keep going,  Paul Newman (Treasurer), a very pregnant Clare, Scott (SELF organiser), Mike Stygal (interfaith), Andrew Trosak, Reggie Kwan- for being Stewards and helpers on the Resgistration/Ticket Stand at the front end, to Colin for Photography, to Vathani for additional photography, carrying extra weights, and to my mother Rani for help preparing all the Convention programme sheets/stapling/ driving me about etc.
      Finally- special thanks to  to my friend Reggie, to my partner April and to my sister Vathani, for months of moral support and tolerance when I went through periods of tough times, despair and doubts! I am ever mindful of the Gods & Goddesses who live in our minds..and nudge me now and then!
      May Fortuna smile upon us..and may Gaia nurture and support us all..
      "Tread Gently on the Earth.."
      Love & Bright Blessings
      -Manivannan Navasothy
      PF London Events Manager
      prvt mob: 077689 41373

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