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Gaia-Fortuna Convention- sat 27th sept. (PF London). - full details

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  • Mani
    The PF London’s  annual event `GAIA-FORTUNA  Convention’  takes place this Saturday 27th September 2008, on the 3rd floor of at ULU (University of
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      The PF London’s  annual event `GAIA-FORTUNA  Convention’  takes place this Saturday 27th September 2008, on the 3rd floor of at ULU (University of London Union building), Malet Street, London. (tube: Warren Street or Goodge Street).  The event will start at 12pm and finish at 9pm.  Entrance tickets are £10 (PF members) and £12 for non-members.

      Caroline Wise: will attune us to the energies of the Goddess Fortuna in an opening ceremony.  Kenneth Rees:  speaks about  “.35 years and counting! - positive changes in the pagan/witchcraft communities since the 1970s.”  Vivianne Crowley  Wiccan High Priestess and author of ‘Wicca’ (HarperCollins) and ‘The Natural Magician’ (Penguin) will explore the Goddess Fortuna in Paganism past and present, and the competing energies of fortune and free will.  Geraldine Beskin owner of The Atlantis, London's oldest independent occult bookshop, shares her intrigues of `Aleister Crowley’ , the man behind the myth. With an illustrated talk.

       The flamboyant and fantastic south London poet and shaman,  John `Crow’ Constable of Sothwark Mysteries,  will speak and feature songs/poetry on `“The Goose, The Crow and the Cross Bones Portal”  

      Other talks include “"All Acts Of Love And Pleasure Are My Rituals" by Caroline Robertson, wiccan High Priestess;   'Hoodoo, The Blues and Robert Johnson' by Phyllis Pointer; “History Mysteries,” by Michael Bingas, a Priest of Aphrodite and Wiccan;  Meredith will give insights into  'Gods of the Future?' with video clips from various Science Fiction films; Mark Jeoffroy speaks on `the Poet as Magician,

      Not to be missed are workshops by Marielle Holman: on Ritual Dance within the Temple;  Jacqueline-Anne Woodward Smith on the Bee Goddess- Hive of community and Justice in the workplace,”  Ed & April on “Sonding the runes,”  Mark McCann on “making friends with Fortuna

      There will be a talk and demonstration/performance of Gothic Bellydancing from Sascha Copper, and a performance from Bacchus Border Morris, once described as the Deep Purple of the Morris Scene!

      Hern’s Tribe & Tribe of Avalon,  two of London’s own eclectic outdoor /indoor working ritual groups, will join to facilitate the grand closing ritual which enacts the presence of the 4 Elemental Goddesses who create the world and withthe Horned God, bring forth all life forms!

      There will be the many pagan Art & craft stalls to loose one’s self in, and spend our money, or take a chance on the Raffle prizes, and end the day with an hour of Social  networking in a large room with everyone!

      Details on all the talks, workshops, speakers, stalls can be found on our website www.pflondon.org

      Come and join us and enjoy the event..

      Bright Blessings.

      Mani   (PF London Events Manager).

      tel: 077689 41373 (pls txt if possible-and contact during decent hours  10am- 9pm only, as  it's my private phone. Thanks).


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