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Scadbury Archaeological Open Day - next weekend

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  • Edmund Meadows
    Hi, The Orpington and District Archaeological Society are having their open days next weekend, Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th September 2008 from 2 - 4:30.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2008

      The Orpington and District Archaeological Society are having their open days next weekend, Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th September 2008 from 2 - 4:30.   This is at the Scadbury Manor dig, details below.    This is your chance to see some real archaeology.     This was the birth place of Sir Francis Walsingham (b 1532), the founder of the British Secret Service.    It is also where the warrant was raised in 1593 for the arrest of Marlow the playwright, author of the notorious "Jew of Malta".   Sir Thomas Walsingham IV of Scadbury was supposed to be his patron.   The fungus season has started, as I cut down quite a few last Thursday when taking the lawn mower around the site.   Word around says you might even find the Fly Agaric in the Scadbury Nature Reserve, immortalised as the red nose of Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer.  Some fungi are far more poisonous than psychedelic.   Neither the Orpington and District Archaeological Society nor the London Borough of Bromley will take any responsibility what so ever for any Pagans getting chased by reindeer, or for sceptics getting chased by irate Pagan Gods.          

      Orpington and District Archaeological Society
      Scadbury Moated Manor (Chislehurst) - Open Weekend
      Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th September 2008 from 2 - 4:30
      The Postcode of Scadbury Farm is BR7 6LN

      Excavations in progress
      Ruined remains of medieval manor house
      Bookstall & refreshments

      Self-guided tours of excavations from 2 pm to 4:30 pm

      No need to book in advance - just come on the day

      The tours start at the point where the estate circular footpath in Scadbury Nature Reserve passes the moated site.

      The nearest access from the road is via the footpath between 12 & 14 St Paul's Wood Hill, turning left along the circular footpath (5 mins walk). This entrance is not suitable for disabled access - use the Perry Street entrance. The footpath can be uneven and muddy in wet weather. The main entrance to Scadbury Park is in Old Perry Street (with parking).

      There is an entrance in Perry Street itself - this is a 20 mins walk to the site.

      Some parking is available for elderly or disabled people - use the Perry Street entrance for disabled vehicle access.

      See <www.odas.org.uk> for more details.

      Sir Francis Walsingham (c. 1532 – 6 April 1590) is usually remembered as the "spymaster" of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Walsingham is frequently cited as one of the earliest practitioners of modern intelligence both for espionage and for domestic security. He oversaw operations which penetrated the heart of Spanish military preparation, gathered intelligence from across Europe, and disrupted a range of plots against the queen, securing the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots. Walsingham was one of the small coterie who directed the Elizabethan state, overseeing foreign, domestic and religious policy, and the subjugation of Ireland. He worked to bring Scotland and England together. Overall, his foreign policy demonstrated a new understanding of the role of England as a maritime, Protestant power in a global economy. He was an innovator in exploration, colonisation and the use of England's potential maritime power.

      <www.capitalwoodlands.org/site/article/18> Capital Woodlands
      If your fungal knowledge leaves a little to be desired, why not join a woodland fungal foray to gather a basket of delicious edible mushrooms.  Fungal forays are taking place at Scadbury Park in Bromley on Monday 15th October at 10am, Railway Fields in Haringey at 10am on 28th October, at Hainault Forest on Sunday 21st October and at Richmond Park on Saturday 3rd November.   

      Kind regards - Edmund.

      PS - Will all members of the Metropolitan Police email tapping unit please report back to their psychiatrists to complete their treatment for schizophrenia.    Their psychosis is producing so much telepathy that even a third rate psychic can read it.     I have no knowledge of any current unsolved crime of mutual interest to us. 
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