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PF London & other: Lammas rituals, Pan's Picnic & eclipse rituals

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  • Mani
    Dear Pagans, magicians, ritualists and Friends :-)   In case you don t know, there is a partial solar eclipse on friday 1st august (new moon) in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2008
      Dear Pagans, magicians, ritualists and Friends :-)
      In case you don't know, there is a partial solar eclipse on friday 1st august (new moon) in the morning..starting at 9.30am..  and a partial lunar (full moon) eclipse on sat 16th Aug, starting around 8pm. Both will be visible from most parts of UK. And so...
      It's a thrill to give you details of some upcoming events in August, and some advanced notice of future ones. By the way advanced tickets are now available for Gaia-Fortuna Convention to order via on line pay-pal transactions from our website http://www.pflondon.org .   For all information on these events, other group events, talks, workshops, witchcraft courses, socials..  visit our website www.pflondon.org.
      Love & Lammas blessings
       PF London Events
      Mani (mob): 077689 41373.
      1. PF London: Lammas (indoor) ritual- thursday 31st July.
      2. Hern's Tribe:  Lammas (outdoor) ritual- saturday 2nd Aug.
      3. PF London: PAN's PICNIC- saturday 9th Aug - Queen's Wood
      4. Tamesa:  Full Moon Eclipse ritual - (outdoors by Thames) - sat 16th Aug.
      5. Hern & Deer Goddess Sovereignty Ritual (3rd annual). (tbc. 13th Sept). Part 1 in Windsor (afternoon) and part 2 in Richmond park (evening). All welcome.
      6. Gaia-Fortuna Convention: PF London annual Convention.  sat 27th sept. ULU. 12pm- 9pm.
      Details below:
      PFL Lammas (Druid) Ritual- by Jay the Taylor & friends.  Thursday 31st July.’08. (8pm start). Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn. (No photographs allowed!). .Details.. soon. Entrance £5 (£4 fo PF members). Please bring seasonal food & drinks to share with others at the feasting-social after the ritual.
      Hern’s Tribe Lammas Open Ritual : sat 2nd august. croydonWe are opening our tribal space to the pagan community and share our ways, and proudly present the 2nd of 3 open rituals this summer at Lammas (2nd Augus) . The rituals will be in the Tribe's unique tribal/shamanic style with lots of drumming, chanting and dancing.   To get details, contact via e-mail :  herntribe@...
      PAN's PICNIC: 4th Annual Pagan Picnic.
      sat 9th august. 12noon- 6pm.   At Queen's Wood, North London (tube: High Gate).  Meet at Woodman's pub next to the tube entrance at 12noon and we'll take you to the picnic spot in the woods.  *FREE Family friendly EVENT*  *Fun & Games.* *Lammas outdoor ritual* *face painting* *Woodland trails*
      * Bring your BBQ’s. Exhibit or Sell your own Art & Craft products!*
      Lunar Eclipse Ritual (full moon). sat 16th Aug’08 by Tamesa London Circle. Evening (during eclipse time) at Central London river Thames location. Details by request, as this is a semi-open circle suitable for the seriously interested people. Contact Mani via mani@...  for details or tel: 077689 41373.
      Coming soon: `Oracle of London'    (what is it? where is it? who is it?  when is it???   Answers soon!!)

      ------Bright Solar Blessings-----



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