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Fw: vigil - 7pm on 23rd July at Cross Bones

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  • Mani
    Dear all, the following seems like a really good evening.. of Southwark mysteries.. Weather is good for few days.. so do visit Cross Bones, if you ve not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2008
      Dear all,

      the following seems like a really good evening.. of Southwark mysteries..
      Weather is good for few days.. so do visit Cross Bones, if you've not been before.. (I'll be there).. JC (that's John Constable..Not the other historical JC :-p) is a great facilitator.. !!

      Love & BB

      PF London

      --- On Mon, 21/7/08, John Constable <johnconstable@...> wrote:

      > From: John Constable <johnconstable@...>
      > Subject: vigil - 7pm on 23rd July at Cross Bones
      > To: "John Constable" <johnconstable@...>
      > Date: Monday, 21 July, 2008, 2:27 PM
      > Sisters and Brothers of 'Our Story',
      > The next Cross Bones vigil and ceremony will be on
      > Wednesday 23rd July at 7pm. Please be at the Memorial Gates
      > in Redcross Way by 7pm to ensure you're in place before
      > the portal opens and closes.
      > The preceding day (22nd July) is Mary Magdalen's Feast
      > Day - and JC's birthday. This is also the time of the
      > Egyptian Isis-Osiris-Horus festival. This month's
      > observances on the 23rd will reflect these ceremonial
      > associations with readings of texts from The Southwark
      > Mysteries relating to Mary Magdalen and Isis. You are also
      > welcome to bring your own texts or a relevant piece you may
      > like to share with us.
      > Please bring a thing of beauty to offer to the memory of
      > our beloved Goose and her outcast dead... a totem or token
      > to tie to the Memorial Gates or help create a new shrine on
      > the graveyard... a song, poem, musical instrument... a
      > little food or drink to share, maybe a rug to sit on...
      > and your own divine humanity...
      > Goose willing and weather permitting, we'll again be
      > going onsite for an informal picnic and mini-festival. If
      > you've never been initiated into the secret history and
      > transforming vision of The Goose and her Cross Bones Portal,
      > this is your chance. If you've been involved in the
      > greening of the site, come see the fruits of your labours.
      > To catch up on the magic unfolding here, check out our new
      > Cross Bones Graveyard website, with its many buried
      > treasures: http://www.crossbones.org.uk
      > The website includes a Gallery, and sections on the
      > History, Memorial Gates, Goose Garden, The Halloween of
      > Cross Bones, The Southwark Mysteries and other Goose and
      > Crow inspired work, including Books about Cross Bones, with
      > a link to buy my books online at Amazon:
      > http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_ss_b?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=john+constable%2C+oberon
      > (If you prefer to shop local and for real, you can get
      > these books at the National Theatre bookshop or Crockett
      > & Powell bookshop in Lower Marsh. :-) I've also
      > done an audio-walk around Bankside: Shakesepare's
      > Secret London, available from Redrok:
      > http://www.redrok-media.com/tutorialDetails.asp?ID=4&ID1=38
      > There's been another application to put a car-park on
      > the site - though excluding the Memorial gates and the site
      > of our proposed Memorial Garden. Even so, you may wish to
      > see the plans, to comment or object. Plans can be viewed on
      > the Southwark Council website -
      > http://planningonline.southwarksites.com/planningonline2/AcolNetCGI.exe?ACTION=UNWRAP&RIPNAME=Root.PgeResultDetail&TheSystemkey=9528943
      > Click on the Documents tab.
      > Hope to see you at the vigil, if not before.
      > Love and Geese
      > xxx John
      > __________________________________________________________

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