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Re: [croydoncrows] Monday Moot/ some personal update (mani)

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  • Mani
    Dear all, well, the moot is tomorrow, and I am lookng forard to seei gmany people again after a long time.. I think Ive been away for about 2-3 months!!! I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2007
      Dear all,
      well, the moot is tomorrow, and I am lookng forard to seei gmany people again after a long time..
      I think Ive been away for about 2-3 months!!!   I know people may think I've drifted off.. so thought would do an update.. 
      In July I started a new job with a Tamil Welfare Charity , a 3 year project manager work..  of training/ employment for a tamil charity..  Not only thst,  I've had a reconstructive surgery on my right shoulder (I am right handed)..  and no sooner had I started to recover (arm still in  sling.. ) I had the flue and was off sick for a week..  For 3+ yers I've been doing a lot of pagan federation and other pagan stuff, all the while being unemployed,trying self employment,   I think the `pagan lifestyle' became the `work' of everyday..   But since februaury 2007 (when I started a short term contract) I have employment, and my free time is trickled to a minimum..   I have not been able to keep up all the moots, socials and rituals I used to..
      Few months ago, I reached a conclusion, to progress further, it's time to give up certain responsibilities and life-styles..
      One of the things that I gave up was the official council position of PF London Deputy Distrct Manager. (I was only i it for 10 months).  I am continuing my voluntary work as PF London Events orgnaiser (Open rituals few other events, websmastering)..
      I know everyone who works has a busy schedule, I've worked years before in home office, teaching in school etc..  It's nothing new.. But I wasn't doing full PF work then..  When I was doing PF work, i  was unemployed so was fully out and about.. Now full employment with a charity,  and voluntary PF work..with same intensiy takes a lot of juggling..  Both require a lot of passion and dedication that invlves compromises.. and sacrifices.. etween the two
      Having said hat, while I';ve been sick, I've been thinking a lot about pagan stuff..   and hope to catch up with people, as well as carry on creating some interesting events for 2008..    (eager to know what happened to the `yule fest' idea?)   anyway, that's all for now..  See you all at the moot..
      love n hugs

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      Hi everyone,

      November's Moot is on Monday, at the Skylark as always. I shall be
      there from 8pm onwards.

      Does everyone want to celebrate Yule together? I'd like to know on
      Monday is you want to celebrate on the day (it's on a Friday this
      year), do you want to celebrate at mid-day or in the evening and
      inside/outside, and do you want to pay a small amount for a hall, or
      can someone volunteer their house for the big event?

      See you Monday



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