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87Monday's Moot & don't forget Sunday's picnic

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  • Paul Newman
    Jun 15, 2007
      Dear Friends,

      Firstly a warm welcome to Gill, whom we haven't seen in ages, and
      Edmund. Hope you can make the Moot and introduce yourselves to us.

      The Moot is on Monday, same place, usual time, I hope everyone can
      make it.

      Please don't forget our PF Summer picnic on Croham Hurst on Sunday
      (the day before the Moot).

      Don't know where Croham Hurst is? follow the link for a map


      The place to meet in the woods is where the footpaths all meet just
      below where it says 'Croham Hurst'on the map.

      There are buses from central Croydon there. Also potential lifts
      from East Croydon (but check to confirm)

      The schedule is very informal, with a short ritual in the middle.

      I and Mani will be starting to pick up people from East Croydon but
      the official start is 2pm. We go on a long as we feel like it!

      it's a picnic, so please bring food and drink to share. People
      often bring drums etc to play.

      I don't think there are any restrictions on bringing friends.

      Please contact me if any questions.

      I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday or Monday