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76Re: [croydoncrows] plans for pfl croydon midsummer gathering

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  • Heather Wood
    May 23, 2007
      Hi everyone,
      Sorry I didn't make Mondays moot at the Skylark - a nasty case of 'when tonsillitus goes bad' entirely responsible there.... still recovering thanks to anti-biotics... I must say having a fever is a very interesting state to spend time in!
      Still hoping to help out for the midsummer gathering - do let me know what the outcome was
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      Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2007 11:07 AM
      Subject: [croydoncrows] plans for pfl croydon midsummer gathering

      Hia people..
      I was going to mention this, but good thing Paul's already done it.. :-)
      Midsummer in Croham Hurst on sunday 17th June - will be the second of the quarterly outdoor gatherings for PF London in various woods/parks around london.. (first one was spring gathering in Oxleas in march).  Vvarious people already wanted to get involved.. 
      I think on this monday's croydon moot. we should get some solid plans in place for the event.. (It'll be advertised in PF London website and also PF London newsletter.. ) Am hoping we can draw other people to this event.. but even if it's just our own local groups & friends coming.. it'll be a good event..
      We need to plan -
      - stat time, how newcomers or people who don't know croham can be directed there (meet up in croydon and go as group in bus?), do we do a midsummer ritual (involving everyone who attends..  not just a small ritual team performing and others watching), what about a picnic/ feast? etc etc..
      hope you can all make it tomorrow..
      Bright Solar Blessings
      ps. anyone free to meet-up early.. 6.30pm.. 7pm?  am coming from work, will be early..  can catch up with people over coffee before moot starts at 8pm.. (let me know by txt etc.. my mob 077689 41373).

      Paul Newman <thipnewman@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Hello everybody,

      I am told my previous reminder didn't make it to anyone, so here's my
      second attempt. If the first message did get to you, my aplogies for
      this spam!

      We are meeting on Monday 21st. in the Skylark. I hope you can all make
      it. Maybe we can get some ideas together to make the Croham Hurst
      picnic a success.

      Hope to see you all there



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