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377Gaian Times Magazine (FREE online) - Earth Day special issue (#7) out now

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  • Mani
    Apr 21, 2013
      Dear Pagans, Ecologists and Earth lovers..

      There’s just 1 day to go before the annual International Earth Day’.. and we have pulled together a variety of useful features to mark this event. And we are organising one or two of our own Gaian Times Earth Day Events – a Family picnic with focus on activities for young children, and then a meditative walk in Richmond park (the following day) – anyone wanting quiet time to tune into the energies of the Earth.

      Those serious about caring for our Earth and Environment will tell you.. every day should be Earth Day. But on Earth Day, we can make a big song and dance about it and promote Earth & Eco-Awareness to the others who don’t think so much about the Earth.

      To me personally,  the focus for Earth Day shifts …more towards the Earth it self. I believe in the Gaia deity of the Earth, and I do what I can through out the year – so for Earth Day nowadays, I think of it as `my mother Earth’s Birthday’! We don’t quite know when it was formed all those billions of years ago, but it does us and Earth well to give her a birthday and celebrate it.

      In this Magazine (issue #7) ;; we have some varied features...Here are some highlights..

      -Paganism in the 25th Century
      -Comet ISON – Hammer of the Gods?
      -My Elemental animals
      -Socially mean in a Social media obsessed world..
      -Margaret Thatcher & Princess Diana: 2 women and their rites of Passages
      -Day of the Witch?
      -Become a Lord or Lady of Scotland (and save some land)
      -Earth Healing rituals & Activities
      -Sanctuary of the Goddess
      -Aphrodite’s birth place (Photo-journal)
      -Major Festivals & esoteric events in London (Events listing)
      -Eco-Campaigns & Gallery
      -Book reviews & Promotions

      This year (our 3rd year of publishing GT), we are publishing 3 Gaian Times magazines.. so that  we can focus more on the various Gaian Times Enterprises & Social Initiatives! You can read about these in our main pages (www.GaianTimes.com) Free websites for start-up pagan entrepreneurs, ePublishing, some Fundraising, and even a new initiative about sharing the wisdom of Elderly People are all going to get much mote focus..

      As for reading.. you now have to subscribe to get full access to the Magazine. Well, it gives you – amongst other things- a real sense of exclusivity. And for us, it makes it easier to start making better connections with our loyal readers…and give more !

      So enjoy reading Issue #7, and we’ll see each other in our various events or social media platforms..www.GaianTimes.com

      Earthy Green Blessings
      -Mani Navasothy