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353Re: Spam problems & Steps to safeguard your self and your contact lists

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  • Paul
    Jul 14, 2012
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      I quite agree with Mani that spam and hacked email accounts are a real nuisance now. Here is a message I composed for another group, regarding the recent hack of 450,000 Yahoo passwords:

      Apparently 450,000 passwords have been outed by d3dd3 and we are yet to experience the consequences.

      If you have a Yahoo account, you might find this website helpful to see if your account has been hacked.


      It's very quick and easy to do the check.

      If you want to read the original blog post, here it is:


      and, from that very same blog, here is a partial analysis of those 450K leaked passwords showing how not to set a password

      * 2,295: The number of times a sequential list of numbers was used, with "123456? by far being the most popular password. There were several other instances where the numbers were reversed, or a few letters were added in a token effort to mix things up.
      * 160: The number of times "111111? is used as a password, which is only marginally better than a sequential list of numbers. The similarly creative "000000? is used 71 times.
      * 780: The number of times "password" was used as the password. Apparently, absolutely no thought went into security in these instances.
      * 233: The number of times "password" was used in conjunction with a few numbers behind it. Apparently, the barest minimum of thoughts went into security here.
      * 437: The number of times "welcome" is used. With a password like that, you're just asking to be hacked.
      * 333: The number of times "ninja" is used. Pirates, unfortunately, didn't make the list.
      * 137,559: The number of Yahoo credentials that were leaked.
      * 106,873: The number of Gmail credentials that were leaked. Hotmail, which was the next most frequently cited e-mail service, had fewer than half the number of users hit.
      * 161: The number of times "freedom" is used, suggesting a lot of patriotic users. "America" was used 68 times.
      * 161: The number of times the f-word is used in some combination. There are a lot of angry people out there.
      *133: The number of times "baseball" appears as a password. It's the most popular sport on the list, proving that it is indeed America's national pastime. It just may not be the best password.
      * 106: The number of times "superman" is used as a password. That's nearly double the amount of times "batman" is used and triple the frequency of "spiderman."
      * 52: The number of times "starwars" is used. The force is not with this password.
      * 56: The number of times "winner" is used.
      *32: The number of times "lakers" appears. It tied with "maverick," although fortunately "the_heat" or "celtics" weren't on this list.
      * 27: The number of times "ncc1701? is used as a password. For those of you who aren't trekkies, that's the designation code for the Starship Enterprise. "startrek" is used 17 times, while "ncc1701a," the designation for the Enterprise used in later Star Trek movies, is used 15 times.

      Word on the street is that d3dd3 will target gmail and hotmail accounts next

      Have a happy and hack-free weekend!

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